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#12 AWG Copper. (The previous answer, "12/2 with ground", was incorrect. That answer specifies Romex. Not all homes are wired in Romex, and if they were, it would be acceptable to use any number of conductors inside the cable, including 12/2, 12/3, 12/4, and even the "new" 12/2/2.) If you receive free breakers with a "panel kit", and they are 20A breakers, keep in mind you cannot use them where a 15A breaker was previously. The wires on the 15A breakers is likely 14 AWG which can overheat and cause fire if installed on a 20A breaker. The 'weakest link' is supposed to be the breaker, not the wire. -------------- If you do not understand the work well enough to accomplish it yourself properly and safely, don't try it. Consult a professional electrician, as they are proficient enough to do it properly and safely.When working on electrical circuits and equipment, make sure to de-energize the circuit you will be working on. Then test the circuit with a definitive means to make sure it is off (multimeter with metal tipped leads, voltage tester with metal tipped leads, etc., not a non-contact tester, which is non-definitive.)

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Q: What is the minimum size wire on a 20A breaker?
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What wire size do i need for a 240v 20a compressor?

If you have to ask here, you shouldn't be trying to wire in a 20A compressor. You will require a special circuit for the voltage and current with an independent breaker. Check your local code for the wire size or talk to a qualified electrician.

What size wire to feed a panel with 50A breaker for hot tub and 20A branch circuit?

#6 3 conducter

Can you safely change a 20 amp breaker to 30 amps?

No, this is not a recommended procedure. The breakers main job is to protect the wire that is connected to it. A 20A breaker will have a #12 wire (rated 20A) connected to it. A 30A breaker will have a #10 wire (rated 30A) connected to it. As you can see if you use a 30A breaker on a #12 wire you could overload the wire by 10 amps. I have seen an incident where the insulation has melted off of an overloaded wire, the wire short out and a fire start before the bigger size breaker tripped. DON'T DO IT.

Can you wire a 12 2 wire to a 20A 240V circuit breaker to get a 240V for an electric heater?


What size amp circuit breaker should be used for a geyser?


What size wire do you use to install a 20A breaker for a 230V receptacle for use with a 230V air conditioner?

A #12 copper wire with an insulation factor of 90 degrees C is rated at 20 amps.

What size wire for 277 volt 1ph 13.2 amps heater?

depends on length of circuit, continuous duty or not. not knowing these factors i would say 12awg on a 20a breaker.

Can you change 15 amp to 20 amp outlet?

You can replace a 15A outlet with a 20A outlet. However you need a circuit protected by a 20A breaker or fuse and 12 AWG wire to run 20A through the circuit.

20 amp breaker power verse 15amp breaker power?

The 20A breaker can handle (25%) more power than the 15A breaker, because of this the wires used inside the walls is larger. Some circuits must be 20A, the laundry and kitchen are examples of 20A circuits.

What minimum number of 150 W light bulbs must be connected in parallel to a single 240 V household circuit to trip a 20.0 A circuit breaker?

150W = 240 volts * .625Amps. Assuming the 20A breaker trips at exactly 20A, 20/.625 = 32 lights.

How many outlets can you put on a 20A breaker?


What size wiring do you need to wire in an electric water heater?

a # 12 wire is inadequate a typical 60gal electric water heater takes 20 amps this is a permanently connected permanently installed load this is too much for #12 wire it will never see less than 20A you must use the next larger size wire #10 20A fuse will blow in 20 minutes with 20A load it must be next larger size 30A fuse will protect #10 wire 25A fuse will carry 20A for indefinite period if you have several people who like to shower with warm water you will see 20A for 5 hour periods <<>> New homes will be wired for a 40 gallon tank. This will be a # 12 wire rated at 20 amps on a two pole 20 amp breaker. A 4500 watt tank will draw 4500/240 = 18.75 amps.

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