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The TWO (not one) missing angles are 102 and 70

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Q: What is the missing angle measures of a trapezoid when one of the base angles is 78 and the other is 110?
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How do you find the missing angle measures of a regular trapezoid if one angle measures 50 degrees?

There is no such thing as a regular trapezoid. REGULAR implies that all sides and all angles are equal. If that is the case, with a quadrilateral each angle would be 90 degrees, none would be 50.

How do you find the value of an angle in a trapezoid?

A trapezoid should add up to 360 degrees. add the angles that are shown and subtract by 360. the missing angle should be found.

What is the most amount of obtuse angle a trapezoid have?

A trapezoid can have a maximum of 2 obtuse angles. An obtuse angle is one that measures greater than 90 degrees. In a trapezoid, two of the angles are acute angles (less than 90 degrees) and the other two angles can be either acute or obtuse.

What is a supplementary angle and what does it measure?

Supplementary angles are two angles that measure up to 180 degrees. EXAMPLE: If the an angle measures 70 degrees, to find the missing angle, you subtract 70 from 180 because supplementary angles equal 180 degrees. Your answer (in this case 110) is the answer for the measure of the missing angle.

What is the measure of the third angle of the triangle if the measures of two angles of a triangle are 35deg and 45deg?

The missing angle measure is 100 degrees.

Does a trapezoid has an acute angle?

A trapezoid can have either one or two acute angles.

Which quadrilateral can have four different angle measures?


What is the missing angle measure in a trapezoid?

The answer will depend on what information you do have!

Do the trapezoid has at least 1 right angle?

No. A trapezoid need not have any right angles.

How many right angles can a trapezoid have?

A trapezoid can have 2 right angles, 1 acute angle and 1 obtuse angle that all add up to 360 degrees

Why does a trapezoid have a right angle?

In general, trapezoids do not have right angles. In fact, a trapezoid with a right angle is a special case, called a rectangle.

What are all the angles of a trapazoid added together?

A trapezoid is a quadrilateral, a figure with four sides. The sum of the interior angle measures of any quadrilateral is 360 degrees.