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5 and 1/4

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Q: What is the mixed number for twenty one fourths?
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What is one fourth times 7?

It is seven fourths which is one and three fourths as a mixed number.

What is seven and one fourths?

It is a mixed fraction. A real number, a rational number.

What Is six fourths as a fraction?

Six Fourths (6/4) as a fraction would be renamed into a mixed number, which would be one and two fourths, or one and a half (1 1/2). Two fourths is equivalent to one half. By the way, a mixed number is a fraction consisting of a whole number and a proper fraction.

What is twenty-five fourths minus negative one?

It is twenty-nine fourths or 7 and one fourth.

What is one fourth plus three eights plus five twelfths?

First we convert to the same type, which is twenty-fourths: 6 twenty-fourths + 9 twenty-fourths + 10 twenty-fourths = 25 twenty-fourths or 1 and 1 twenty-fourth.

What mixed number represents 14 one-fourths?

14 one-fourths is equal to 3 and one-half (3 1/2)

What is three and five sixths subtract one and seven eighths?

Expressed as a mixed number in its simplest form, 3 5/6 - 1 7/8 = 1 23/24 or one and twenty-three twenty-fourths.

What is the mixed number for three-fourths?

The fraction three-fourths has an absolute value less than one. It does not, therefore have a proper representation as a mixed number. However, if you must have such a representation, the answer is 03/4.

What is 37 over 24 in simplest form?

Expressed as a mixed number in its simplest form, 37/24 is equal to 1 13/24 or one and thirteen twenty-fourths.

What is one and three fourths mulitplyed by twenty-eight fourths?


What is 5 sevenths plus 3 fourths?

expressed as a mixed number in its simplest form, 5/7 + 3/4 = 1 13/28 or one and thirteen twenty-eighths.

What is twenty one twenty fourths plus one half?


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