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Zero can be expressed as the sum of any two opposite mixed number.

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Q: What is the mixed number for zero?
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What is the mixed number for 0.006?

A mixed number is a combination of a whole number and a fraction. Generally, every mixed number must be more than ' 1 ', but zero is often considered a whole number. Therefore, the mixed number would be zero and six thousandths.

A number made up of a whole number that is not a zero and a fraction?

a "mixed" number

Is a mixed number an integer?

A mixed number is not an integer. Integers are positive or negative whole numbers and zero, but not fractions.

What is nine fives as a mixed number?

Nine fives is 45. As a mixed number that is 450/k where k is ANY non-zero number.

What is a number made up of a non zero whole number and a fraction?

That's a 'mixed number'.

A number made up of a whole number that is not zero and a fraction?

A mixed number

Is 0.325 a fraction or mixed number?

It is a fraction. For it to be a mixed number, the integer part of the number would have to be non-zero.

Can you have a mixed number with zero as the numerator?


What is 7 as a mixed number?

70/1 where the 1 could be replace by any non-zero number.

Can mixed number have a zero in it?

0 and 2/5 wouldn't be a mixed number, it would be a fraction. 3 and 0/7 wouldn't be a mixed number, it would be a whole number. 5 and 8/0 wouldn't be a mixed number, it would be a mess. Answer: Technically, by itself, no.

What type of number can be written as a fraction plq where p and 1 are integers and q is not equal to zero?

It is probably a mixed rational number.

What is 19 as a mixed number?

19 is an integer, so the only way to express it as a mixed number might be 190/n where n is any number (other than zero) that you want. Pointless, but that's the only answer.

What is the difference of a whole number and a nonzero whole number?

A whole number is any number that is not a fraction, decimal, or mixed number. A nonzero whole number is the same, except that it doesn't equal zero.

What consists of a whole number and a fraction?

A mixed numberThis is called a mixed number or mixed fraction.

How do you write improper fractions as a mixed number or a whole number?

To convert an improper fraction to a mixed number, divide the denominator into the numerator. The answer is the whole number. Put any remainder over the original denominator to create the fraction part. If the remainder is zero, it's just a whole number.

You zero a number?

Did u mean how to make a number zero?. If so, then the answer is to make a number zero, it is needed to multiply the number with Zero .

What is a number multiplied by zero?

A number multiplied by zero is zero.

What is 26 over 13 as a mixed number?

26/13 can be simplified to 2/1 or just 2. Since the answer is an integer, there is no sensible mixed number, but if you had to, you could write it as 20/n where n is ANY non-zero integer.

Which number when added to a number gives a sum equal to a number?

zero + zero = zero

What is the number containing a whole number and a fraction?

A mixed number

What is 3.87 as a mixed number?

The mixed number is: 3 87/100

What is 6.17 mixed number?

It is: 6.17 = 6 and 17/100 as a mixed number

What is 3 over 6 as a mixed number?

Mixed numbers have a whole number plus a proper fraction. If the whole number is zero it would not be written and so only a proper fraction would be written. 3/6 is a proper fraction, so as a mixed number it would be itself 3/6 which would simplify to 1/2.

Does the y intercept of intercept form have to be a mixed number?

Of course not. The graph can cross the y-axis anywhere ... fraction, mixed number, whole number, or zero, and there are even some graphs that don't cross the y-axis anywhere.

What is the product of a number and zero?

A number multiplied by zero equals zero.

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