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Mean: 69

Median: 67

Mode: 83, 61

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What percentage is 193 out of 121?

100*193/121 = 159.5% approx.

Calculate the mean median and mode what data set Round values to the nearest tenth if the answer is not integer 2 15 21 27 31 42 55?

The mean is the average: (2+15+21+27+31+42+55) divided by the number of terms (7). The mean is 193/7 = 27.6 The median is the number from the set which is in the middle, when listed lowest to highest, which you have already done. With your odd numbered set of 7 values, three numbers will be below the median, and three numbers above. The median is 27. If you had an even-numbered set, the median would be half-way between the two middle values of the set. In your example, there is no mode. The mode in a set of data is the value that occurs most often. No element in your set occurs more than once, and so there is no mode.

What is the median of 200 167 185 212 195 193 188 140?

190.5 is the median of those numbers.

What is the mode for these numbers 347 324 270 229 209 198 193 179 168 155?

There is no mode, as all the numbers are different. A mode is the most commonly occurring number in a list.

What goes into 193?

1 and 193. (193 is a prime number)

What are the factors of 193?

1 and 193, as it is a prime number.1 and 193

Can 193 be divided?

Yes. 193 is divisible by 1 and 193. It is a prime number.

How do you factor 193?

193 is a prime number. Its only factors are 1 and 193.

What number multiply make 193?

If you're looking for whole numbers, then 193 is prime so 1 x 193 = 193, is the only pair (or 193 x 1 works as well)

What is the LCM of 193?

You need at least two numbers to find an LCM.

What is half of half of half of 193?

((193/2)/2)/2 = 193/8 = 24.125

What is neptunes temperature range?

Te mean cloud temperature is: -193 to -153°C

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