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One mole of NaOH is 40g. So 40g dissolved in 1 litre will give a 1M solution.

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Q: What is the molarity of Na OH solution?
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If 20.0 ml of 0.0100 m aqueous hcl is required to neutralize 30.0 ml of an aqueous solution of na-oh determine the molarity of the na-oh solution?

The formula for this question is c1v1= c2v2 c1v1= 20ml x 0.01m = 0.02 x 0.01 c2v2= 0.03c2 therefore it is (0.02 x 0.01) / 0.03 = c2 c2 is the molarity of our na-oh solution cheers :D The formula for this question is c1v1= c2v2 c1v1= 20ml x 0.01m = 0.02 x 0.01 c2v2= 0.03c2 therefore it is (0.02 x 0.01) / 0.03 = c2 c2 is the molarity of our na-oh solution.

Calculate number of moles of Na OH present in 120 ml of M Na OH solution?

The number of moles of NaOH in the solution will be equal to the molarity (M, the concentration) times the volume in Liters. For this problem, the volume is .120 Liters.

How many moles of Na-OH are needed to prepare 1.00L of a 0.5 M solution?

The molarity is figured out by the number of moles of NaOH over the number of liters of water. so if the molarity is 0.5M and there is 1.0L of water then there has to be 0.5 moles of NaOH in the solution.

What is the OH- of a 4.0 x 10-4 M solution of CaOH2?

The concentration of the OH- is 8.0 x 10-4 In terms of molarity, since the hydroxide is double that of the calcium, double the molarity of the solution.

How many grams of Na OH have been dissolved per liter of solution to make a 7.0 M Na OH solution?


What is the 1 molarity of Na-OH?

Molarity:1.0 mol (NaOH) /L(solution) = 1.0 M NaOHThe conversions of molality, b, to and from the molarity , c,for one-solute solutions are:c = ρ.b / [1 + b.M]andb = c / [ρ -c.M]where ρ is the mass density of the solution, b is the molality, and M is the molar mass of the solute.

What is the molarity of a solution that contains 0.5 moles of Na-OH in 200 milliliters of water?

The definition of molarity is moles per litre. Therefore 200x5 is 1 litre. 0.5*5 is 2.5 moles. This is per litre. I.e. 2.5 molar.

What is the difference between molarity and molarity solution?

Molarity solution is not a term that I have ever heard used. Molarity is always a term used to describe a concentration of solute in a solvent, i.e. of a solution. The closest I've heard to molarity solution is when people ask "what is the solution's molarity".

What liquid is sodium hydroxide solution?

A homogeneous solution of Na OH in water.

What is the molarity of a solution made by dissolving 2 moles of Na OH in 6 kg of water?

6 kg = 6000 grams and density of water = 1.00 grams/milliliters. 1.00 g/ml = 6000 grams/X ml = 6000 ml which = 6 liters ======================== Molarity = moles of solute/Liters of solution Molarity = 2 moles NaOH/6 Liters = 0.3 M NaOH solution -----------------------------

A solution of NaOH contains 20g of this compound in 2dm3 of this solution . What is molarity of this solution?

This sodium hydroxide solution has a molarity of 0,25.

What is 4N NaOH?

The atomic weight of Na-OH is 23+16+1= 40. So to prepare the one N solution of Na-OH, you need to add 40 grams of Na-OH in one litre of water. To prepare the 4N Na-OH solution, you need to add 160 grams of Na-OH in one litre of water.

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