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It is 100%.

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Q: What is the mole fraction of O2 in the mixture 02?
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What is the partial pressure of O2g in a mixture of gases consisting of 2.50 g of O2 and 6.40 g of Heg if the total pressure of this mixture is 8.25 ATM?

Moles of O2=2.5/32=0.078125 Moles of He=6.4/4=1.6 Mole fraction of O2=0.078125/(0.078125+1.6)=0.046555 Partial pressure of O2=0.046555 x 8.25=0.384atm

If 0.440 mole of HgO reacts how many moles of O2 will be produced?

0.220 mole O2

What is the mole fraction of phosphoric acid formula weight 98.00 in 175 grams of water formula weight 18.0116?

The chemical formula of mole isH2 + O2 -----> H2O

The number of molecules in 48.0 grams of oxygen gas (O2) is?

48.0 g O2 x 1 mole O2/32 g x 6.02x10^23 molecules O2/mole O2 = 9.03x10^23 molecules of O2

How many O2 are there in 4.4 gm of Co2?

4.4 gm of CO2 is 0.1 mole. 1 mole CO2 contains 1 mole O2 molecules. Therefore, 0.1 mole contains 0.1 mole of O2 molecules i.e. 6.022 x 1022 molecules of Oxygen

Is O2 a heterogeneous mixture or homogeneous mixture?

Neither. O2 is an element, which means it is a pure substance and not a mixture at all.

How many particles are there in a mole of O2?


What is the difference between the mass of a mole of oxygen and a mole of O2 molecules?

A mole of oxygen atoms has a mass of approximately 16 grams. A mole of O2 has a mass of approximately 32 grams. A mole is 6.02 x 1023 particles and as such a mole of oxygen atoms has only half the mass of a mole of oxygen molecules.

How many moles of P2 O5 are produced from 8.00 mole of O2?

Balanced equation first. 4P + 5O2 -> 2P2O5 8.00 mole O2 (2 mole P2O5/5 mole O2) = 3.20 moles P2O5 produced

How many moles in 150.0 g O2?

150.0 g O2 x 1 mole O2/32 g O2 = 4.688 moles O2

What is the balanced equation for The total number of grams of CO2 that are produced when 4 grams of C are added to 10.67 grams of O2?

C + O2 ------> CO2 is the reaction equation. 1 mole of C + 1 mole of O2 makes 1 mole of CO2.

How many mole of hydrogen gas are needed to react with 0.50 mole of oxygen to form one mole of water?

Balanced equation first. 2H2 + O2 -> 2H2O 0.50 moles O2 (2 mole H2/1 mole O2) = 1 mole H2 But your question said to produce 1 mole H2O, so you may have to divide that answer in half.

What is the mass of 1 mole of O2?


4.80g of O2 equals how many moles of O2?

4.80 grams O2 (1 mole O2/32 grams ) = 0.150 moles of O2

What mass of nitrogen is required to react with 16 grams of oxigen?

2 N2 (g) + O2 (g) ⇌ 2 N2O (g)16 g O2 x 1 mole O2/32 g = 0.5 moles O2 present 0.5 moles O2 x 2 moles N2/mole O2 = 1.0 mole N2 required Mass of N2 required = 1.0 mole x 28 g/mole = 28 grams N2 required.

How many atoms of oxygen are there in 82.5g of molecular oxygen?

82.5 grams O2 (1 mole O2/32 grams)(6.022 X 10^23/1 mole O2) = 1.55 X 10^24 atoms of O2

In the reaction H2S plus 2o2 to H2SO4 the law of derinite proportions states that for every mole of H2S you will need how many moles of O2?

H2S (g) + 2 O2 (g) --> H2SO4 (l) 1 mole + 2 mole --> 1 mole You will need 2 moles of O2

How many moles of magnesium are needed to react with 16og of O2?

I assume you mean this reaction. 2Mg + O2 --> 2MgO 16 or 160 ??? Either way the form is the same. We will use the 16 grams. 16 g O2 (1 mole O2/32 grams)(2 mole Mg/1 mole O2) = 1.0 mole magnesium needed ======================

Is O2 a homogeneous mixture or heterogeneous mixture?

Oxygen is a chemical element not a mixture.

How many moles of nitrate oxide can be made from the reaction of 3.80 mole NH3 with 5.15 mole o2?

4NH3 + 5O2 -> 4NO + 6H2O I suspect NH3 limits. Let's see. 5.15 O2 ( 4 mole NH3/5 mole O2) = 4.12 mole NH3 you do not have that much ammonia, so it limits and drives the reaction. 3.80 mole NH3 (4 mole NO/4 mole NH3) = 3.80 moles of NO made

When a container is filled with 3.00 moles of H2 2.00 moles of O2 and a 1.00 mole of N2 the pressure in the container is 768 KPa What is the partial pressure of O2?

The answer is 256 kPa use the formula Pi=XPt Pi-partial pressure X-mole fraction Pt- total pressure of gases the mole fraction in this case is 1/3 because O2 is 2 moles, out of 6 total moles. (add 3, 2, and 1) 1/3 of 768 is 256 kPa

How do you figure out 3.2 moles of o2?

The mass of 3.2 moles O2? The atoms in 3.2 moles O2 Could be other things, I guess, but I will do these two. 3.2 moles O2 (32 grams/1 mole O2) = 102.4 grams of gaseous oxygen -------------------------------------------- 3.2 mole O2 (6.022 X 1023/1 mole O2) = 1.9 X 1024 atoms of gaseous oxygen --------------------------------------------------

Is O2 a heterogeneous mixture?

Oxygen is a chemical compound, not a mixture.

How many moles of O2 are needed to react with 1 mole of H2?

0.5 moles of o2 are required.

How you calculate the mass of 1.5 moles of oxygen molecule?

Multiply the molar mass value ( 32.0 grams per mole O2) by the number of moles (1.5 mole) to get its mass (48.0 grams for 1.5 mole O2)

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