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Many countries use "pound" as their major currency unit. Different forms of investment in different countries attract different interest rates. There is, therefore, not enough information provided to enable me to give a more useful answer.

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Q: What is the monthly interest on 37000000 pounds at 10th September 12 rates?
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How much interest will you pay on a 4000 pound loan over 48 months apr is 14.9 percent?

1333.67 pounds in interest if you also repay the capital with a constant monthly repayment of 111.12pounds, if you repay only interest you pay 2384 pounds over the 4 years.

What rate offers does Nationwide International have for high balance accounts?

Nationwide International offers a special interest rate for those with high balance accounts. You can choose between an annual or monthly interest rate. For accounts with a balance of more than 25,000 pounds, the annual interest rate is 1.6%, while the monthly interest rate is 1.5%.

What would the monthly payments on 130000 pounds mortgage be?

The payment will depend on the interest rate and the repayment term. The repayment term is the number of years over which you will pay back the mortgage. Abbey Mortgage is currently offering mortgages with 3.98% interest rate. If you borrow 130,000 pounds at 3.98% and pay it back over 30 years, your monthly payment will be 619.14 pounds. They have a "mortgage calculator" that lets you experiment with other options --

What is the monthly salary of plumbers in UK?

10 pounds

What is the monthly cost of baby medicine?

around 10 pounds

What is the interest in one year on 744 million pounds?

That depends on the rate of interest to be applied.

What is the interest in one year on 744 million pounds sterling?

Depends on the interest rate.

How much interest would 2.5 million pounds make in the bank?

70000 pounds .

How much interest would someone get from 8 million pounds?

That will depend on the interest rate, and for what period of time. At an interest rate of 3% for a period of one year, the amount would be 240,000 pounds. A lower interest rate would be less, a higher rate would be more.

How much interest on 85 million pounds?

At 4% interest around 85k per week

How much interest a week on one hundred thousand pounds?

Whats the rate? I = prt; I = interest, p = principal or money(100,000 pounds), r = rate (Example: 5% interest?), t = time in years.

How much interest would you get a week with 4 million pounds?

It depends on the interest rate. But say you have a 1% a year interest rate and you don't spend or add any money to it then you would get about 769 pounds a week.