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I guess the circle or sphere ... you use it to do the many constructions to build other shapes and it is found throughout the universe

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Q: What is the most commonly used geometric shape?
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What geometric shape is used on a ramp?


What 3d geometric shape has the most sides and still can be used to construct Without voids larger versions of itself?

a megagon

How are geometric shapes used in architecture?

Well, isn't a rectangular prism a geometric shape? And isn't a brick a rectangular prism? see this is one way that geometric shapes are used in architecture.

This type of shape is used in many Native American designs?


What part of speech is arithmetic?

'Geometric' is an adjective, as it is used to describe something, e.g. a geometric shape. It is based on the noun 'geometry'.

What kind of shapes are used in Truss bridges?

The geometric shape used in truss bridges is the triangle.

What geometric term can be used to describe .F?

F is not a geometric shape that is used. The standard geometric term vertex means the intersection point of two sides of a plane figure. If F is meant to represent figure this term might apply.

What Is The Special Name Of The Geometric Shape In Loops Used In Real Roller Coasters?

clothoid/ klothoid

What is a translation of a geometric figure?

A geometric figure is a shape like a square or rectangle and it can be used in different views like 3D, 2D and 1D would be just a line. So there is your answer!

What is the geometric shape used for Christmas and Hanukkah?

There is no geometric shape connected to Hanukkah. For Christmas, it is probably the 5 pointed star, called a pentagram in geometry.Answer:For Hanukkah, if you draw four concentric half-circles and bisect them, you'll have a depiction of a Hanukkah-menorah.

Where are similes most commonly used?

They are most commonly used in descriptive writing

Who is the father of geometric?

th efather of geometry is a greek mathematician Euclid.One of the most commonly used is Euclidean geometry,euclidean geometry is chiefly concerned with properties,figures that can be measured length,areas,and angles therefore af great practical utility.One of the most important in euclidean geometry is the idea of congruence.Two figures are said to be congruent if they have the same shape, size and area