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The most expensive DVD is the movie Hunger Games

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Q: What is the most expensive DVD?
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Which car DVD player has a built in TV tuner?

Only the most expensive car dvd players have a build in tv tuner.

Is an upscaling DVD/VCR combo expensive?

Yes, it is much more expensive then buying a seperate dvd and vcr.

What is the most expensive DVD ever sold?

In 2007 one disc of Cremaster 2 (Second film of The Cremaster Cycle) sold for $571,000. I can't verify if this is the most expensive, I but it's a lot for what it is...

Do any portable DVD players come with a free carrying case?

Most portable DVD player come with a free carrying case, they are expensive items and need to be protected.

What is the most expensive brand of projectors?

Mitsubishi makes some of the most expensive projectors. They have lines that cater to the high end buyer and offer projector with DVD combinations built in as well as projectors that broadcast in full HD.

Is the price of blockbuster dvd more expensive than most of the other stores?

The price of a blockbuster dvd is competetive with most other stores. They have an average price range. You can also opt to do Redbox or Netflix for a much lower price.

Why is the DVD of Barfly so expensive?

because its OOP

What is the prices of the 'Lost' series on DVD?

Prices vary from around $15 and up to $116 depending on the retailer you choose to purchase the "Lost" serieson DVD. This depends on which season you are buying. The most expensive price being the set with all the "Lost" DVD's in it.

Why is the DVD of the movie The Evening Star so expensive?

because juliette lewis is verry expensive

What is better DVD or Blu-ray?

Blu-ray will give better quality but these are much more expensive. Most DVD players however give quality for good price. It really depends on much you want to spend.

What is a Value Edition of a DVD movie?

The movie is sold without any extras on the DVD. Its usually much less expensive.

What is DVD-rtw used for?

I only found that they are more expensive and you can print on them.