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Q: What is the most expensive football jersey of all time?
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What is the Second top selling football jersey of all time?

Peyton Manning

What are the top 10 selling football jersey of all time?

nike vick deion sander

Who wears jersey ten in longhorns football?

no one anymore. it was retired after THE GREATEST COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER OF ALL TIME VINCE YOUNG left

Who is the worlds most expensive football player?

The most expensive American football player for a number of years was Michael Vick. When he went to serve jail time it left a nice space for more players. Right now the most expensive NFL player is Heins Ward. :)

Who is the all time most expensive football player?

In recent times, many players have been valued at astounding prices but the player who has been purchased at the highest price is Cristiano Ronaldo.

How long was football been around?

The time football has been around for is a long timeFootball has been around for a long time but we do not know how long it has been around

What time are most football goals scored?


What was the most popular spectator sport at this time?


What is the most expensive time to travel?

I would guess Christmas time but I am not positive.

Where could you find a Vanderjagt jersey to purchase in time for it to be a Christmas present? or However, Vanderjagt is currently in the Canadian Football getting a Indy jersey may be a special order.

What NBA player has the most all time jersey sales?

mamadou n'diaye

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Californium is so expensive because it takes a lot of work and time to create. It is listed as one of the most expensive substances in the world.