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A 3d shape can have infinite sides

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Q: What is the most sides a 3D shape can have?
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A shape with 20 sides?

icosahedron but it is a 3d shape

What shape has four sides and is a 3d shape?


Sides and vertices?

sides are the face of a 3d shape and verticies are the corner of the shape

A 3d shape with 12 sides?

That is a Dodecahedron.

What is a 3D shape with 7 sides?

A heptahedron

What is the name of a 3D shape that has 17 sides?

A septadecahedron has 17 sides to it.

Which 3d shape has 4 sides?

triangular pyramid.

Name of a 3D shape with 12 sides?


A 3d shape with 6 sides?


3d shape with 6 congruent sides?


What is a 3d shape with 20 sides called?


What 3D shape has 30 sides?

Dodacohedron, I think.

What is a 3D shape with 4 sides called?


What is a shape with 10 sides call?

2D shape = Decagon 3D shape = Decahedron

Number of sides on a 3D triangular based prism shape?

5 sides.

What 3D shape has exactly 3 faces?

No 3D shape with FLAT SIDES has exactly 3 faces. 4 is the minimum.

What is the 3d shape with the most sides?

Such a shape cannot exist because it is always possible to increase the number of sides by 1 by simply cutting off one vertex.

What shape is 8 sides?

octagon-2D Octahedron-3D

What is a octahedron solid?

An octahedron is a 3D shape with 8 sides.

What 3D shape has 3 sides?

Tin can, penny, ect.

What 3d shape has 5 sides?

A square-based pyramid.

How many faces does tetahedron have?

it is a 3D shape and has 4 sides

A 3d shape with 10 sides?

A 3d shape with 10 sides is called a decahedron. I have added a link with some pictures of them. As you can see they look very different but all have 10 sides or faces.

What is a 3-d shape with 6 sides?


The name of a shape that has all equal sides?

In a 3D world with 6 sides it is a cube.