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Q: What is the most valuable sports team?
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Which team was the most valuable sports in 2010?

Manchester United

Which American sports Team has the most valuable in 2010?

Dallas Cowboys.

What is the most valuable sports team in the us?

New York Yankees

What is the worlds most valuable sports team of 2011?

Dallas Cowboys were the most valued team in 2010.

What professional sports team is the most lucrative?

It depends on what you mean by lucrative. The most valuable sports franchise is Manchester United. (Around 1.7B)

Are the New York Knicks the most valuable team in US pro sports?

No, that would be the New York Yankees.

What is the world's most valuable sports team?

Chelsea because they are big pussys. they stand around diving when they get poked or pushed with the ball.

Which north American sports team was the most valuable in 2009?

The New York Yankees in the USA and the Manchester United Soccer Club worldwide.

Who were college roommates and most valuable players in their sports?

Give me the answer

What soccer team has the most valuable players?


What team does mvp support for?

Most Valuable Player

What is the most popular sports team in Australia?

Australian Cricket Team