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It is 5n+2 and so the next number is 22

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Q: What is the n th term for the sequence 7 12 17?
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What is the nth term to the fibornacci sequence?

the (n-1)th term plus the (n-2)th term.

Twelfth term in counting sequence 11 22 33?

The counting sequence is making increments of 11,that is, the n-th term will = 11 x nn = 12,t = 12 x 11= 132

What are the first five terms of the sequence whose nth term is N4 plus 225?

2,1,0 is th sequence of its terms

What is the nth term for 0 1 1 2 3 5 8 13?

This is the Fibonacci sequence, where the number is the sum of the two preceding numbers. The nth term is the (n-1)th term added to (n-2)th term

What is the rule in these nunbers 3-7 4-10 5-13?

Let n (i) = the term number of each term in the sequence., with (i) going from 1-6 E.g term number 1 (n (1) ) is 3. n(2)= -7 etc... Therefore n(i) for odd terms in the sequence is n (i)= (n (i -2)th term +1). For even terms in the sequence, n(i)= (n (i - 2)th term -3).

What is the formula for nth term?

Give the simple formula for the nth term of the following arithmetic sequence. Your answer will be of the form an + b.12, 16, 20, 24, 28, ...

What is the n th term for the sequence 6 10 14?

It is 4n+2 and so the next number is 18

What is an nth term in an arithmetic sequence?

The nth term is referring to any term in the arithmetic sequence. You would figure out the formula an = a1+(n-1)d-10where an is your y-value, a1 is your first term in a number sequence (your x-value), n is the term you're trying to find, and d is the amount you're increasing by.

What is the n th term for the sequence 1 2 4 8 16?

Each number is twice the previous number.

What does position to term rule mean in maths?

In the study of sequences, given a number n, the position to term rule tells you how the nth term of the sequence is calculated.

Which one is a rule for the n th term of an arithmetic sequence with a8 equals 56 and d equals 5?

T(n) = 5n + 16

What is the nth term of the sequence 4 8 12 16?

Given n and any number for the nth term, it is a simple matter to find a rule such that the above four numbers are the first four of a sequence and the given number in the nth position.However, the simple answer for simple questions is Un = 4n

What is the Th term of the arithmetic sequence given by the explicit rule?

The answer depends on what the explicit rule is!

What is the completed sequence 3 476 8 14 9 12?

How is th folowing least like the other glass, water, ice, snow

What is the nth term of 19 12 5 -2 -9?

The "N"th term is -7. You can deduce this from: 19 - 7 = 12 - 7 = 5 - 7 = -2 - 7 = -9

What is the nth term for 8 13 20 29 40?

The (n)th term = the (n - 1)th term + (2n + 1)

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What is the difference between a growth factor less than 1 and growth factor greater than 1?

The answer depends on the sign of the growth factor which is less than 1. There is no factor that is "less then 1"!If the first term is 0, the growth factor has no effect.A positive growth factor less than 1 results in a sequence that decreases towards 0. A growth factor greater than 1 results in a sequence that increases without limit if the initial value is positive, or decreases without limit (towards minus infinity) if the first term is negative.

Find the one's digit of 3 to the 200th power?

Ans: 1 Reason is that the last digit forms a repeated pattern. For 3^n, last digits are 3, 9, 7, 1 for n = 1,2,3,4. First repeated sequence goes from n= 1 to 4 Second repeated sequence goes from n= 5 to 12 50 th repeated sequence is 197, 198, 199, 200 To generalize this problem further: n th repeated sequence of "x" numbers goes from n*x-3, n*x-2, n*x-1, n*x See discussion page for additional thoughts.

If the seventh term of an arithmetic progression is 15 and th twelfth term is 17.5 find the first term?

There are 5 common differences between seventh and twelfth terms, so the CD is 2.5/5 ie 0.5. First term is therefore 15 - 6 x 0.5 = 12.

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