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repeating decimal

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Q: What is the name for a decimal with a remainder that has a repeating pattern?
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What is the name of a decimal with a remainder that has a reapeting pattern?

It is a repeating decimal.

What is the name of the number in a repeating decimal?

A terminating decimal.

What is the name of a decimal that has ends up with no remainder?

It is a terminating decimal.

What is the name of the repeating bar in a repeating decimal?

Recurring. its signified by going to the designated decimal places need, then putting a little R up. Eg: 1 / 3 = .33r I am fairly sure that is what you are after..

What is anouther name for a repeating decimal?

To my knowledge there is no single word. Although, generally speaking, the word 'recurring' is used instead of 'repeating'. Hope that helps.

What is the name of A Repeating Number?

A repeating decimal is sometimes called a recurring decimal. The main idea is that at some point it must become periodic. That is to say, a certain part of the decimal must repeat, even though not all of it repeats. The parts that repeats is called the repetend. One very important idea is the a real number has a repeating decimal representation if and only if it is rational.

What is the name of the decimal that never stops?

The decimal that never stops is called recurring decimal. For example - 1/3 = 0.3333... and goes on. Such decimals are written with a dot or bar on top of the numbers which are repeating.

What is the name of solids that are made up of particles arranged in a repeating geometric pattern?

crystal, or crystalline

What is the name of the repeating pattern of units of a muscle cell?

I do believe you are asking about a sarcomere, units of repeating bands that make up the fibers (myofibrils) of a striated muscle.

What name is 3 periods in decimal number?

a) This could be a special numbering system, such as the Dewey Decimal System used in libraries. Such as 620.105.3.1.b) Or do you refer to repeating decimals, such as 6.304 304 304.

What is the pattern called how the decimal point moves when multiplied by any power of 10?

There is no specific name for it.

What is the name of the line above a repeating number?