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Q: What is the name for a set of similar things?
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What is a set of three similar things considered as a unit?

A trio is a set of three similar things considered as a unit.

What is the name for a group of similar things ending with a sound of shun?

The term you are looking for is "congregation," which refers to a group of similar things or people coming together.

What is another name for airplane wing flaps?

There is no other name. There are similar things, but each has a name like slats, or something.

Name three things that look similar to clouds?

Cotton balls, smoke, marshmallows.

Is pair a proper noun?

No, "pair" is not a proper noun. It is a common noun that refers to a set of two similar or related things.

Which set of shapes contains members that are always similar to one another?

The name or description of a set will usually determine the alikeness of the members. e.g. A set of circles will contain that family of shapes. the answer is :equilateral triangles

Where to get a One direction bed set?

target, the store name with BEYOND at the end, and lenin and things

What type of project is Google Sets?

Google Sets is a project created by the Google Company that automatically groups a set of similar things together. By having a few examples, Google generates a set of items.

What is the plural of World Series?

World Series: series n. (pl. same) 1 number of similar or related things, events, etc.; succession, row, or set. 2 set of related but individual

What is the name of someone that sets fire to things when they are angry?

A pyromaniac is a person who sets things on fire when they are angry. This name came from the pyrmaids. When someone was in love, they broke up, and set the pyramid on fire.

What two gods from other cultures or religions are similar to the greek god Hades?

Pluto (Hades' Roman name), Set, Anubis, and Baron Samedi are Dieties of the Dead/Death, just to name a few. So they are similar to the Greek God Hades.

Is the failure of Jesus Christ to set things straight by simply writing things down prove his non existence?

No.Jesus didn't come to 'set things straight' by writing he came to 'set things straight' by dieing.But things are not 'set straight' automatically by His death things are 'set straight' by personal acknowledgement of what he has done.