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the name is squared equation

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Q: What is the name of a second degree equation?
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What is A2 equal to 196?

It's a simple second-degree equation in 'A' . Like any second-degree equation, it has two solutions. They are +14 and -14 .

An equation with a degree of 2?

An equation with a degree of 2 is called a quadratic equation. At least one term in the equation will have a variable raised to the second power, e.g. x²

How do you identify the polynominal by name and degree of -8x2 -2x 8?

-8x2 - 2x + 8 this is a quadratic equation or a second order polynomial it is a second order polynomial because it has a term in x2 For every polynomial we name it according to the highest power term in the equation.......

What is the name for a polynomial equation containing a variable to the second power?

A quadratic equation.

Quadratic equation definition?

An equation of the second degree, meaning it contains at least one term that is squared.

What is the second degree polynomial that creates the golden ratio?

The polynomial equation is x2 - x - 1 = 0.

What is another name for a second degree burn?

Second degree are also called partial-thickness burns. They are the second least severe type.

Whats another name for second degree burns?

Second degree are also called partial-thickness burns. They are the second least severe type.

What is a first degree equation?

a linear equation

What are the degrees of differential equation?

The degree of a differential equation is the POWER of the derivative of the highest order. Using f' to denote df/fx, f'' to denote d2f/dx2 (I hate this browser!!!), and so on, an equation of the form (f'')^2 + (f')^3 - x^4 = 17 is of second degree.

What is the value of y if 78 degree plus 3y?

technically, you need to put in a second variable, x, at the end of the equation.

Do quadratic equations have exponents?

Yes. A quadratic is a second degree equation, one in which the highest power is 2 (i.e. squared).