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A cube has 6 sides 8 verticies and 12 edges

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Q: What is the name of a shape that has 6 faces 8 verticies's and 12 edges?
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What is the name of the shape that has 4 faces and 6 edges?

A tetrahedron.

What is the name of a shape that has 5 faces 8 edges 6 vertices?

There is not a polyhedron with the given number of faces, edges and vertices.

What shape has 12 vertices 18 edges and 8 faces?

Octahedron is the name of any shape with 8 faces. A hexagonal prism has your requirements.

If a three dimensional shape has twelve faces twenty edges and thirty vertices then what is the name of that shape?

then it's a - Dodecahedron

What is the name of 3 dimensional shape with 8 faces?

An octahedron is a polyhedron with eight faces, twelve edges, and six vertices

What 3d shape has 4 triangular faces and1triangular face and how many vertices and edges does it have and the name of the shape?

There is no 3-d shape with 4 and 1 = 5 triangular faces.

What is the name for a 3D shape with five faces six corners and nine edges?

It is a triangular prism.

What is the name of a shape that has 5 faces 6 edges and 4 vertices?

square based triangle

What is the name of the shape that has 6 faces?

It is a cube or a cuboid which also has 12 edges and 8 vertices

What is the name of the solid shape that has 3 faces that are rectangles and two faces that are triangles with nine edges and six vertices?

Triangular prism

What is the name of OCTAGON on a 3d shape?

The question is ambiguous. An octagon is a 2-dimensional shape with 8 edges and 8 vertices. Does a 3-D octagonal shape mean one with 8 edges or 8 faces or vertices, or faces which are 2d octagons?

What is the name of a shape that has 6 faces 12 edges and 8 vertices?

A parallelepiped, of which a cube is a special case.

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