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"abcd is not a parallelogram or it does not have any right angles."

~(P and Q) = ~P or ~Q

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Q: What is the negation of the statement quadrilateral abcd is a paralleogram and it has a right angle?
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Choose the negation of this statement A is a right angle?

A is not a right angle.

What is an example of definition by negation?

Definition by negation is a solution to a right angle statement.

What is a negation of angle 3 is a acute?

The negation is: Angle 3 is NOT acute.

Whats the negation of this statement angle 1 and angle 2 are not adjacent angles?

angles 1 and angles 2 are vertical angles this is so wrong the correct answer angle 1 and angle 2 are adjacent angles.

What is the negation of angle a is a right angle?

It is: "angle a is not a right angle" or "angle a is greater than or less than a right angle".

What is a shape with a reflex angle and has four sides?

its a paralleogram, who doesnt know that like seriously?

A quadrilateral with no right angles is?

a quadrilateral with no right angle is?

What is the measurement of quadrilateral angle?

A quadrilateral is a shape with four sides... It doesn't have *one* angle. The sum of the interior angles of a quadrilateral will always be 360 degrees, however, it is impossible to know the value an individual angle of a quadrilateral with the information given.

If a quadrilateral has an angle of more than 180 what type of quadrilateral could it be?

A chevron (arrowhead) is a quadrilateral with one angle of more than 1800.

How many right angle are in a paralleogram?

This is a homework question. jajaj que te lo crees tu

A quadrilateral with 4 obtuse angles?

Impossible. You cannot have an obtuse angle without an acute angle in a quadrilateral.

Given a paralleogram ABCD angle A equals 30 plus 5x and angle D equals 15 plus 10x What is x?

9 degrees