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10 - 21 = -11

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Q: What is the negative integer for 10 and spent 21?
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Is -21 a integer?

Yes it is a negative integer

Is negative 21 a whole or natural?

It is a negative whole number which is the same as an integer

What can go into 10 and 21?

Other than the number 1, there are no positive integer common factors of 10 and 21.

When 11 times a certain integer is subtracted from twice the square of the integer the result is 21find the integer?


What two consecutive integer whose sum -21?

The integers are -11 and -10.

What is negative 10 over 21 as a decimal?


What is 10 to the negative 21 power?

10-21 = 0.000 000 000 000 000 000 001

What is negative nine plus ten?


What is the absolute value of integer 21?

The absolute value of the integer 21 is 21. The absolute value of something is its distance from 0.

What two negative consecutive integers have a sum of -21?

-11 and -10

How come when you multiply two negatives the result is an integer?

First of all, there's no such thing as an 'interger'. I'm going to assume that youmean a whole number, called an "integer" and pronounced "IN-tih-jur".Next, it isn't.(negative 2) times (negative 21/3) = 42/3

When a certain integer is added to -19 the result is 21. What is that integer?

It is 40 because -19+40 = 21