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It has a Dodge viper engine in it and as of right now it is just a prototype , not on the market yet It is called the "Tomahawk" and will never be mass produced.

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โˆ™ 2009-07-02 21:57:36
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Q: What is the new bike that has four wheels two in front and two in back and it is really fast?
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What is meant by doing a wheelie?

Raising the front wheels of a car or bike while in motion, so that the car or bike only have the back wheels on the ground.

What is a bike front fork?

it is the fat part on the front of the bike that connects the wheels and the body of the bike

What is a 10-speed bike?

a 10 speed bike use to be a bike, that has 2 chain wheels at the pedal and 5 chain wheels at the back wheel, thsu making 10 different combinations that the chain wheels can be used. it can also mean a 20spd road bike...but instead of saying 20spd we say 10spd as slang because it has 10 gears at the back and 2 at the front 10x2=??

What are the training wheels on the back of your bike called?

stable eyesores

Are dirt bike wheels the same size?

There are different sizes for dirt bike wheels as there are for regular bike wheels.

Will the Monarch Cardio Bike 837E provide wheels for easy movement in the house?

Yes there are actually wheels on the back half of the bike that make moving it easy.

How many spokes are there to children bicycle?

That would differ from one bike to another. A really small bike with maybe 12" wheels will have fewer spokes than a bike with 20" wheels. Say between 24 and 36.

How can you get your dirt bike to be 4X4 when it has just got 2 wheels?

You cannot. Four wheel drive really needs four wheels.

What is aTrikke?

A trikke is a type of bike with 3 wheels. To move forward, the user must move from side to side. There is a wheel at the front and two at the back, one on the left and one on the right where each foot goes in front of.

What are the bikes with thin wheels called?

Thin wheels alone isn't enough to identify the bike type. Can be a road bike, bike, a track bike, a TT bike. Even fixies and single-speeds can have thin wheels.

Where on the bike is a wheel and axle?

The wheels are the big round things on which the bike moves and the axles are at the center of the wheels, attaching them to the bike.

Was the basket on the front or back of the mean woman bike in the wizard of oz?

The back.

Is it better to have front pegs or back pegs on a bmx bike?

Its best to have the pegs on front and the back i have mine on the right side

How can you put a BMX bike on a trampoline?

Change the wheels with specil ski wheels i think its called ski bike.

Do you drive a bike or ride a bike?

Rule of thumb, if it has two wheels, you are a rider, if it has 4 or more wheels you are a driver.

What is a 24 inch bike?

A bike with 24 inch wheels.

What was the bike with the small wheel in the front and the big wheel in the back?

the penny farthing

How did a penny bike look like?

Don't know any penny bikes, but there were penny-farthing bikes. These had really big front wheels, with the pedals attached directly to the wheel axle, and a quite small rear wheel.

What does the bike look like?

it has wheels

Does a bike have 4 wheels?

It doesnt.

Name of a bike with two wheels?

Bicycle means having two wheels

How does energy transfer to a bicycles wheels?

Solar energy transfers to the biker, the biker transfers muscular energy to the pedals, the pedals transfer mechanical energy to the bike itself, the bike transfers mechanical energy to the wheels, and the wheels transfer friction energy to the road, and the bike (it's wheels) moves.

What came first bicycle or unicycle?

The penny farthing bike came first. It was the bike with a large front wheel and a small back wheel. The back wheel was soon removed.

Securing bicycles to bike racks?

The only to secure a bike to the back rack is to remove the front wheel. By removing this wheel it will prevent anyone from riding off on your bike no matter what.

What is a bike called that has three wheels?