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Nicknames for this weapon include Pah-pah-shah (WW2), Shpagin (Vietnam I think) and Burp Gun (Korean War)

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Q: What is the nickname for the PPSh 41?
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What is ppsh-41 airsoft?

It is an airsoft gun based of the PPSH-41 gun

Which is better hp ppsh-41 or Ares ppsh-41?

well the ares ppsh has blowback features but the hexagon productions ppsh is more cost effective.

What is a 1944 ppsh 41 from Korean war worth?

The 1944 ppsh 41 is a Soviet Sub-Machine gun

Can anyone find an extra magazine for the Ares Ppsh-41?

No there's no such thing sadly. And ares ppsh-41 is the best

Is the PPSH a German or rusain gun?

The PPSh-41 was developed by Georgi Shpagin, a Russianweapons developer.

Is the ppsh-41 a Russian gun?


What level do you unlock ppsh-41 on world at war?

level 41 i think its in the 40s

What was the magazine capacity of a ppsh 41?

The PPSh-41 could be fed by either a 35-round box magazine, or a 71 round drum mag. Both used 7.62mm rounds.

Where can you get a cheap ppsh-41 model gun?

None being made.

Where can one find images of a PPSH-41?

PPSH-41 is an iconic Soviet submachine gun which saw service during the Second World War. Pictures of it are widely available on the internet, libraries and books.

What was the main Russian gun in World War 2?

Them main Russian Weapon in ww2 was the PPSH-41. The PPSH-41 was a sub-machine gun that fired very very fast with deadly accuracy. By Husky Pratt

Does the Russian Army still use the PPsh-41?

Only for ceremonial and reenactment purposes.