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The normal length of a finger is measured in inches.

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Q: What is the normal length of fingers?
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What is normal color for tops of fingers?

a normal color for the tops of your fingers should be the same color of the rest of your fingers

What is the length of 2 fingers?

It matters how long your fingers are

Is it normal when you have a fever my hands and fingers are numb?

my son has a 102.2 fever he is 18 years old but his hands and fingers are numb! is that normal?

Is it normal to have ten fingers?

It is for humans.

What word describes a woman who does not have all her fingers in one hand?

"Normal": a woman who does not have all her fingers on one hand is completely normal as humans have their 10 fingers across 2 hands, not 1.

How is the number 10 evidenced in nature?

Look at the number of digits (fingers and thumbs) on any normal pair of hands.Look at the number of digits (fingers and thumbs) on any normal pair of hands.Look at the number of digits (fingers and thumbs) on any normal pair of hands.Look at the number of digits (fingers and thumbs) on any normal pair of hands.

How many fingers are here on normal people?

10 fingers, no more, no less.

Does a normal person have 5 fingers?

well.................. um I guess not if your talking about their fingers.

Cracking your fingers?

clicking your fingers in normal, but not entirly healthy as it is an exess of nitrogen in your synoval joints in your finger joints which as your click your fingers more builds and builds so, if you stop your fingers will eventually go back to normal and you will not have the feeling that you need to crack them.

How many fingers does everybody have?

A normal person is born with ten fingers, and ten toes.

What can the length of your fingers can tell you about your sexuality?


How many fingers are normal to have?


Does playing guitar give you slim fingers?

Playing guitar does not have any effect on the shape or size of your fingers. If you play for any length of time though you will begin to develop calluses on the tips of your fingers. This simply means the skin on the ends of your fingers gets tougher although this has practically no effect on the appearance or use of your hands. You may notice grooves on your fingertips immediately after playing though this is normal and they will go away in a few minutes after you stop playing.

What is the length of a normal cardiac cycle?

the length of a normal cardiac cycle is 0.8 sec

What is the normal length of a cookie?

There is no 'normal' length but if you are making them make them about 5-10cm in diameter

What is the length of two fingers?

That depends on the size of the hands.

Is it normal for your fingers to do this?

Your question is incomplete to give you answer.

What is a average ring size for a 13 year old?

it is seven or eight for normal fingers then for skinny fingers it 6 and and bigger fingers it is a size 9

What is a person called who does not have all his fingers on one hand?

Normal, because fingers should be on two hands.

How many fingers does George Bush have?

He has a normal hand configuration - four fingers and one thumb on each hand.

How long should is the normal length your penis should be?

The normal length of a man's penis is 6.5in. to 8in.

What do you call a women who doesn't have all of her fingers on one hand?


What is the length of a werewolf?

About twice the length as a normal wolf.

What is the normal length of a toothpick?

65.5mn is the average length

Why does your fingers get pruney when it's wet in water?

Pruney fingers are an involuntary reaction when submerged in water for a length of time. Pruney fingers can help individuals grip or pick up wet objects.