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Q: What is the nsn for afto form 489?
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What afto form is the source document for recording individual flying time sorties of inputs in go81?

AFTO Form 781

What best describes the use of the afto form 245?

It is a continuation form for the AFTO 244. If you have additional discrepencies that will not fit on the 244, annotate on the 245 and attach.

Which form is used to establish a TODO account?

afto form 43

What does a red symbol on the afto form 781 a represent?

form 781A

What form replaced the AF Form 1261?

AFTO Form 747 is the new acceptance form.

What form is used to correct an error found on updated page that was found during posting?

AFTO Form 22

What will complete and submit the AFTO Form 43 for requesting or setting up a TO account?


US citizenship is not a requirement to be listed as a point of contact on the afto form 43.?


The AFTO form 781f contains what information?

Afto form f is the front page to acft forms it has the names of the dcc adcc and the pilot along with the acft tail number some pilot information to include flight time conversions

Some changes requiring update of AFTO form 43 may include?

All of the above

Does every afto form 43 must list a primary and alternate point of contact?


When testing for voltage on an energized primary distribution center what form is used to document any discrepancy that is found?

AFTO Form 244