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  • Number and Word Notation is basiclly just writing in words For Example= 9,000,000-------->Word Notation----------->Nine-Million----------Number Notation------------->9,000,000
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Q: What is the number-and-word notation in math?
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What is standard notation in math form for 156.136?

That is the standard notation.

What is the basic Si unit notation in math?

Different units have different notation.

What does the number and word notation mean in math?

Two hundred and five is word notation. 205 is number notation.

What is 100 in scientific notation-?

The number 100 in scientific notation is 10,000. This is taught in math class.

How does mathematical notation help us in math?

it does not

Is 2 a standard notation in math?

Yes, the standard notation of the number two is 2

What is standard notation in math for 10 to the -2 power?


Wha is 1 000 in scientific notation?

The number 1,000 in scientific notation is 10,000,000. This is taught in math.

What are some examples of standard notation in math?


What is equilibrium in math?

Equilibrium in math is when you have two expressions that are equal to each other. generally the notation for this is the = sign.

What math concept did the Mayans and Aztecs use?

Positional notation

What did George Poyla do for math?

He discovered The scientific notation of your mama

What does bar notation mean in math?

the repeating term of a decimal

What does set builder notation mean in math?

i don't knoww

What is number notation?

Number notation is a type of writing system that is used in math. The notations can be numbers or symbols and they have a semantic meaning.

What is a bar notation used to represent in math?

It represents a repeating decimal

What is standard notation in math form for 1 thousand?

1,000 or 103

What is 0.0662 in scientific notation in math?

6.62 x 10^-2

What is scientific notation in Math?

well, say if the math problem is 4x1000. scientific notation for that math problem is 4x103, the three meaning three zeros.(you only use 10 when there are zeros at the end, and you only do 4x1, then do three zeros.) P.S. THAX 4 ASKING THIS QUESTION, I LOVED ANSWERING IT!!!!!!!

What is the scietific notation of this number 0.000000048?

Scientific notation is a math term you learn in school. It is used to abbreviate large numbers. 0.000000048 written in scientific notation is 48x10 to the negative 8th power.

What is standard notation in math form for 6.5 billion?

Standard notation is 6,500,000,000 .Scientific notation is 6.5 x 109 .

What other math skills do scientist use besides estimation?

scientific notation

What is a bar notation in math?

Its a line over a number showing that it is a repeating decimal

Scientific notation for 15100.00 would be what?

Nobody wants to do your math homework for you kid.

How do you do standard notation in math?

Standard Notation is where you take a number, say 10 to the fourth power and you turn it into its original number witch in this case is 10,000.