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That depends on what unit you are rounding up to.

Are you rounding up to the nearest 10? The nearest 100? The nearest 1000000?

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Q: What is the number 6 round up to?
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Is 5.5 rounded to the nearest whole number 6?

Yes, it would round up to 6. The rule is that if a number is at the .5 mark or higher you round up, and if it's less than .5 you round down. Since 5.5 is right at the .5 mark, you would still round up to 6.

How do you round 28.63568 to the nearest 1?

As the digit after the decimal point is 6, we round the number up to 29.

How can you round 5.75 to the nearest whole number?

It rounds up to 6 because .7 rounds up to 1

What is 8.67 rounded to the nearest tenth?

In the number 8.67 the 6 is in the tenths position. To round you use the number to the right of the position you want to round to. If this number is 5 or greater you round up. In this case the number to the right of the tenths digit is a 7 so you round the 6 up becoming a 7. So, . . . 8.67 rounded to the nearest tenth is 8.7

How do you round 69.65 to the nearest integer?

An integer is a whole number. To round you take the number to the right, and if it is 1-4 you round all the numbers to the right of the whole numbers and delete them. If the number is 5-9 you round up. In this case the number beside the integer is 6, which rounds up. 69.65 rounds up to 70.

How do you round 409614 to the nearest thousand?

The digit in the hundreds position is a 6, so it will round the number up, leaving 410000 as the answer.

How do you round 6.402 and 6.5 and which is the greatest number when you round?

6.402 rounds down to 6. 6.5 rounds up to 7.

How do you round the number 97112767?

You take the number before the number you want to round it to. Round to tens: 97112770 (7 is greater then 4, so you round up) round to hundreds: 97112800 (6 is greater then 4 so you round up) round to thousands:97113000 (greater then 4, round up) round to ten thousands: 97113000 (greater then 4, round up) round to hundred thousands: 97100000 (less then 4, round down) round to millions: 97000000 (less then 4 round down) round to billions: 10,000,000 (more then 4 round up)

Round 2.68 to the nearest whole number?

The nearest whole number would be 3, since 6 would cause the 2 to round up to 3.

What number do you round decimals to the nearest whole number?

You round .4 .3 .2 and .1 down and .5 .6 .7 .8 and .9 up.

Round off 3 278 429 to the nearest ten thousand?

If you round off 3,278,429 to the nearest ten thousand, you would look at the number in the one thousand place - in this case, an 8. If the number is 5 or less, you would round down. If the number is 6 or higher, you would round up. Since 8 is higher that 6, you would round up, yielding 3,279,000.

How do you round 396249 to the ten thousands place?

We look at the figure in the thousands place. As it is a 6, it will round up the overall number to 400000.

How do you round up 14620 to the nearest thousand?

The digit in the hundreds position is a 6, rounding the number up to 15000.

How do you round 62 to the nearest ten?

The answer is 60. 62 6= tens place 2= ones place 62 When you round up, the number HAS to be a number from 5-9 (5, 6, 7, 8, or 9). You can't round up when the number is from 0-4 (0, 1, 2, 3, or 4). So, that is why the answer is 60...or that is how you round it to the nearest ten.

How do you round 5.70 to a whole number?

It then becomes 6 because .7 rounds up to 1

What is 83.691 to the nearest tenth of a second?

To solve this, look at the number in the tenths place, which in this case is 6. Look to the right of this to see if the next number would cause the 6 to round up or not. In this case, the 9 would make the 6 round up to a 7, so the answer is 83.7.

What is 14.62 to the nearest whole number?

To the nearest whole number 14.62 is 15 To round to the nearest whole number, look at the tenths digit: if it is 5 or more, round up, otherwise round down. For 14.62 the tenths digit is 6, which is 5 or more, so round it up to 15.

How do you round 5.5252 to ones place?

To one decimal place, we look at the digit in the hundredths place, which is a 2. The number will round down to 5.5 as the answer. To one whole number, it will round up to 6 as the answer.

How do you round off 1256 to ten?

The 6 in the ones position causes the number to round up to give use 1260 as the answer.

What is 6743 rounded to 1 significant number?

The first significant number is 6 but since the next number is over 5, we round the 6 up so it becomes 7000

How do you round up to five?

if you have a number with a five as the last digit you round up.

What is 5.7606619 to 3 significant figures?

You count the number 5 as the first significant figure,7 the second, 6 the third. You then round the it up or down from the following number. As it it 0 you round down, leaving it as 6. A: 5.76

What does 5.998 round up to?


How do you round a number to the nearest ones?

Question: How to round a number? Answer: if the number is 4 or below you round down if it's 5 or above you round up.

How do you round to the nearest 9.84 when you round 9 what number do you put 0 or10?

When you round the 9 in the number 9.84 it will round up to the number 10.