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Any number can be put into decimal form.

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Q: What is the number called when it can't be put into a fraction or decimal?
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What is a number that cant be written as a fraction or decimal?

Irrational, possibly transcendental

What is 4.9 as a fraction or mixed number?

49/100 first answer real answer... 49/10 as a fraction 4 and 9/10 mixed number * cant write 4.9 over1 because you cant have decimal

How do you convert decimal to lowest term fraction or mixed number?

Divide till you cant divide evenly

What can decimals do that fractions cant?

Nothing. Any decimal can be written as an equivalent fraction. So anything that can be done with a decimal can be done with the equivalent fraction.

What is 90.91 as a decimal?

That is a decimal. ------------ if u mean what is it in other forms of math then its 90.91% and i cant remember how to do fraction

How do you change a common fraction into a mixed number?

If its not an improper fraction then you cant....

Why cant a mixed number be converted to a proper fraction?

because u cant

How do you change 0.5 to a decimal?

0.5 is a decimal so therefore you cant change a decimal to a decimal. But, 0.5 as a number is 5.

What is nine thirds as a decimal?

It cant be written as a decimal apart from 3.0 which is a whole number. The fraction is basically saying that there are 9 thirds which equals three. Three thirds equals one because three thirds equals a whole.

How do you know if a decimal is rational or irrational.?

rational decimals can be converted to a fraction example 0.2 irrational numbers cant be converted to a decimal like pi and √2

How do you change decimal in a mixed number?

i have no idea cant remeber jitter bug_09

How do you make fractions into decimals?

Writing A Fraction As A Decimal-- Divide the numerator by the denominator. Example-two fifths. Divide 5 into 2. You will notice that you cant divide it, so you add a decimal and a zero to the number inside. If you do it right, You should've gotten 0.4 as your decimal you are suppose to divide the denominator by the numerator

What number cant be represented by roman numerals?

Any number that has a fraction that is not duodecimal (twelfths or factors thereof).

How do you know if 2 is a rational number?

first you think that is 2 a repeating decimal.... and can u reduce it if its not a repeating decimal and u cant reduce it then it is a rational number

How do you determine if a fraction is in simplest form?

if the fraction's numerator and denominator cant be divided by any number remembber both numerator and denominator must be divided by the same number

How do you simplify a mixed number with improper fraction?

Divide the denominator (bottom number) into the whole number , and then add that to the numerator (top number) . if you cant sinplify, leave it...

What is 80357142857 in a fraction?

this is a whole number it cant exactly be put into a fraction at least not a proper fraction but you could say like 80357142857/1 or something along the lines of 160714285714/2

How do you find out who called you from a restricted number?

you cant. that's why its restricted

Is 1 8 the decimal for 0.12?

No, 1 8 cant be a decimal.

What is 1 fourth of six percent?

no that's just 6 divided by 4 plus you cant divide a percent by a fraction unless you convert both into a decimal. the answer should be .24 because if you convert 1/4 into a decimal its .25 and 6% into a decimal is .06. When you divide .06 (the original 6%) by .25 (the original 1/4 fraction) you get the answer of .24

What are the natrual numbers?

its when you have a number starting at 1 and it works its way up to infiniti and cant be a negative or decimal etc.

Is 31 divisible by 2?

well yes, but you wil get a decimal number, not a whole number because you cant divide a odd number by an even number and get a whole number, 15.5 is the correct answer

What is the decimal form of 60.2 percent?

To find the decimal form of 60.2 % divide 60.2 by 100. Now reduce it to its lowest fraction form. I have described the working below. 602/1000 301/500 now we notice that we cant factorise it further. Thus fraction form of 60.2 % is 301/500.

Why cant irrational number be presented as a decimal?

All irrational numbers are non-terminating decimals that can't be expressed as fractions

What is 2.37 as a fraction?

237/100 it cant be simplified and still kept a fraction