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Q: What is the number for 19 billion?
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How you write 19 billion?


How much is Wal-Mart worth?

The company has a market capitalization (number of shares outstanding times price) of US $19 billion as of December 24, 2007.

How can you rewrite 3 billion 19 in standard form?

3 billion 19 in standard form = 3.000000019 × 109The standard notation = 3,000,000,019

What is number after Billion?

billion and one

What is the number after billion?

a billion and 1

What is 1 billion to the power of ten?

(1 billion)10 = (19)10 = 190

What is one nonillion divided by 100 billion?

One nonillion is a very large number. It is equal to 10^30 or a one followed by 30 zeros. 100 billion is also a big number, but much smaller than one nonillion. It is equal to 10^11 or a one followed by 11 zeros. To divide one nonillion by 100 billion, we need to subtract the exponents of 10. That is, 10^11/10^30​=10^30−11=10^19 So, one nonillion divided by 100 billion is equal to 10^19 or a one followed by 19 zeros. That is a very large number too, but much smaller than one nonillion. To give you some perspective, one nonillion is about 100 times the estimated number of atoms in the observable universe, while 10^19 is about the number of grains of sand on Earth.

What is the ISBN of The Bottom Billion?

The ISBN of The Bottom Billion is 978-0-19-531145-7.

What number comes after billion?

A billion and one.

What number comes after a billion?

a billion and one

What is 9999999998888888877777776666665555544443332210?

It is an incredibly large number that gives the impression of someone just trying to type a large number by hitting every number on the keyboard. It's somewhere on the order of 10 billion billion billion billion billion (by my count).

How do you write 7 billion?

The number 7 billion can be written in a number of ways, including:Seven billion.7B7,000,000,0007 x 109