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Q: What is the number in 0.9 grams of steam?
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The number of grams of ice that can be melted by 1 g of 100 degree steam is what?

The specific heat of ice is 2.09 J/g°C and the heat of fusion of ice is 334 J/g. To find the number of grams of ice melted by 1 g of steam, we calculate the heat released by the steam when it condenses, and then divide that by the heat required to melt the ice. The calculation would be (2.09 * 100) + 334 = 544.9 J, so 1 g of steam can melt 1.63 g of ice.

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How many grams of steam are formed in g water?

To calculate the grams of steam formed, you need to know the amount of water being converted to steam and the conditions under which the water is being vaporized (e.g., temperature, pressure). This information is essential in using the heat of vaporization to determine the amount of energy needed to convert the water to steam, and subsequently the mass of steam produced.

.09 kg equals how many grams?


What is the minimum number of kiloJoules needed to change 40.0 grams of water at 100ºC to steam at the same temperature and pressure?

The heat required to change water at 100ºC to steam at the same temperature and pressure is known as the heat of vaporization. For water, this value is 40.7 kJ/mol. First, calculate the number of moles in 40.0 grams of water using the molar mass of water. Then, use this value to calculate the minimum number of kilojoules needed using the heat of vaporization.

What is the number after 09?

The number after 09 (nine) is 10 (ten).

If you boil 100g of water should the steam weigh more than 100 grams?

If all the water boils off, the mass of the steam will be 100 grams. Matter cannot be created or destroyed.

What was the engine number of the Mallard steam engine?

According to an online directory of Steam Locomotives, the number was and still is 4468.

Approximately how many grams steam are formed from 25grams of water?

25 grams of steam are in 25 grams of water.

What is the combination for the steam battery on steam works?

you have to get the number 5 on the pressure thing