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That's called the "area" of the shape.

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Q: What is the number of square units that cover a shape called?
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What are the square units that cover a shape called?

TilesAny shape can be covered with a number of similarly shaped figures such as triangles, this process is called tesselation.

What is a shape called with equal sides?

a regular (then what the shape is)

How do you find a square root of a circle?

A circle is not a number, it is a 2-dimensional shape. A number can have a square root, not a shape. So, a circle cannot have a square root!.

What shape is called a rectangle and a square?

a square

Number of square units to cover a flat surface in math?

Are determined by (a) the shape of the flat surface, (b) the area of the flat surface, and (c) the size of the square units.

What shape has one apex and five faces and a square base?

The shape in question is called a square pyramid.

What is the shape of an apple called?


What is the shape called when you cut a square based pyramid in half?


What is 26 sided shape called?

A 26-sided shape is called a rhombicuboctahedron. It is known by other names such as snub square antiprism, elongated square gyrobicupola, and 26-agon.

What is a 138 sided shape called?


What shape looks like a slanted square called?

slanted square

What are points of a triangle or square called?

The corners of a shape are called vertices.

How many tiles do you need to cover 13 square foot?

It depends on the size of the tiles and also, to some extent, on the shape of the area that you need to cover.

Pool Cover?

form_title= Pool Cover form_header= Keep your pool protected with a cover! What is the square footage of your pool?*= _ [50] What is the shape of your pool?*= _ [50] How often will the pool be covered?*= _ [50]

How do you beat level 13 on 40x escape?

Press the buttons to display "453" -- it's the number of sides for each shape (square, pentagon, triangle).The first (outermost) shape is a square. It has 4 sides.The second shape is a pentagon. It has 5 sides.The last shape is a triangle. It has 3 sides.

Does the area of a shape have to be called a square unit?


What is a regular 4 sided shape called?

A square.

What is a shape that has congruent sides and angles called?


Which solid has 1 square face and 4 triangular faces?

The solid shape that has one square face and four triangular faces is called a pyramid. If you were to have a shape that had four triangular faces and no square face, it would be called a triangular pyramid.

What is a four sided shape name?

A square is a four sided shape but generically they are called Quadrilaterals.

What is the number of degrees a figure rotates called?

It is called its order of rotational symmetry depending on its shape as for example a square has rotational symmetry to the order of 4 because it returns to its same shape every time of a turn of 90 degrees and so 360/90 = 4

What does it mean to say that a shape has an area of 8 square inches?

It means that if you take a piece of paper and cut out 8 little squares from it, with each square beingexactly 1 inch on a side, then the amount of paper in these 8 pieces will exactly cover the shape,no matter what shape the shape is.

Which shapes has 180 degrees rotational symmetry?

Any shape with an equal number of sides... Square, hexagon, octagon, decagon... etc.

Number of faces of a pyramid shape?

A pyramid shape, by default, has a square base. It therefore has 5 faces.

How many 1 square foot pavers are needed to cover 220 square feet area?

Any reason why it shouldn't be 220, apart from the shape of the area?