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A square root

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Q: What is the number or expression inside a radical?
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The number or expression inside a radical symbol?

The term radicand means the number or expression inside the radical symbol. For example, when we have the square root of 2, the 2 is inside the radical symbol. It is the radicand. The radicand may be a number or an algebraic expression. Also, there is not limit to the number of terms the radicand may contain. It may even be infinite!

Definition The number or expression inside a radical symbol?


What is the meaning of the operation with radical expressions?

A radical number is a number with a decimal. so a radical expression would be like 5 raised to the 2.5 power.

The expression radical 3x is equivalent to the expression x radical 3?

Radical (3x) = radical(x) * radical(3).

What is the difference between a polynomial and radical expression?

A polynomial is an expression of various exponentials of a variable wich may or may nor have coefficients and constants. The coefficients may have a radical, square root, cube root etc, but not the variable. A radical expression is any expression involving square roots, cube roots, etc. These may have the variable inside the radical but do not have to have them. sq root (5) is a radical expression, so is sq root (x) 3x2 + 2x - 9 is a polynomial, so is x + sq root (5)

How do you simplify a radical expression?

The answer depends on the form of the radical expression.

What is radical numbers?

Definition of Radical ExpressionA radical expression is an expression containing a square root.Examples of Radical Expressionare examples of radical expression.More about Radical ExpressionRadical: Thesymbol that is used to denote square root or nth roots.Radicand: Radicand is a number or expression inside the radical symbol.For example, 5 is the radicand in.Radical equation: An equation containing radical expressions with variables in the radicands.Radical inequality: An inequality containing a radical expression with the variable in the radicand.Solved Example on Radical ExpressionEvaluate the radical expression when a = 2 and b = 4.Choices:A. 9B. 8C. 7D. 6Correct Answer: DSolution:Step 1: [Substitute the values of a and b in the given radical expression.]Step 2: [Find the positive square root.]Step 3: [Multiply.]Step 4: [Add.]Step 5: = 6 [Simplify.]

How can you tell the value of a radical is a rational number?

If the number inside the radical is a perfect square or a ratio of perfect squares.

Change a mixed radical to an entire radical?

you have to square the outside number and then multiply it by the number inside the squareroot sign.

Any radical expression with a radicand and an even index is not a real number?


Any radical expression with a negative radicand and a index is a real number?


Can you Define and explain radical expressions?

A rational expression is an expression that contains a radical, i.e., a root.

How do you find the simplified form of a radical expression?

just round off the number after the decimal if it is above 5.

What are radical expressions in math?

A radical expression is an expression that involves a square root, cubic root, etc.

What is the importance of the conjugate in rationalizing the denominator of a rational expression that has a radical expression in the denominator?

To eliminate the radical in the denominator.

What is the radical expression of 200?


What is the equivalent radical expression for the exponential expression?

15 1/2

What is an expression containing a square root?

radical expressiona radical expression

What are the parts of radical expression?

Index, radicand, and radical :) lmfao

How Can You Solve A Radical Expression?

It depends on what you mean by solve: simplify, evaluate or rationalise the denominator. The answer will also depend on the radical expression.

How do you solve a radical equation with a variable beside the number inside of the radical?

Square both sides of the equation to get rid of the radical sign. Then just solve as you normally would. Good luck! :-)

What is the simplified expression for 2 radical 8?

2 radical(8) = 4 radical(2)

Why is it important to simplify radical expressions before subtracting or adding and how is adding a radical expression similar to adding a polynomial expression and provide an example?

Why is it important to simplify radical expressions before adding or subtracting? How is adding radical expressions similar to adding polynomial expressions? How is it different? Provide a radical expression for your classmates to simplify..

Parts of a radical expression?

Parts include the index, the radicand, and the radical.

What is the simplified expression for 3 radical 24?

6 radical 6