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Q: What is the numbers of stitches per inch?
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What is the stitch count?

This means how many stitches per inch. For example, in sewing on a machine the usual # of stitches per inch is 8 - 10 for normal sewing, 6 stitches for basting. On crocheting and knitting an actual pattern will tell you how many stitches per inch is used.

How do you identify gauge of knitted sweater?

Measure the number of stitches and rows in a 4-inch square area to identify the number of stitches and rows per inch, or per 2-inches.

What is stitching?

This determines the number of stitches per inch on a sewing machine. :)

How many stitches for knitting needle number 8 per inch?

The number of stitches you need per inch depends on the type of fabric you are sewing. The weight, thickness and type of fabric sewn will determine the stitch length you use. In a quilt, you will have fewer stitches, such a six or eight per inch. For a seam on clothing, a medium weight fabric will use 10 - 12 stitches, for heavier fabrics, 8 -10 will work better. In knitting and crochet, the stitches per inch are determined by the size of your needles, the tension you use when working the stitches, and the weight of the yarn or thread. The pattern you use will specify the stitches and needles you need, called the gauge.

What is stitching length?

This determines the number of stitches per inch on a sewing machine. :)

How can you measure knit fabric?

You use a gauge or tape measure and count how many stitches per inch.It may not be a whole number, though.Example:You may have 4 1/2 stitches per inch. If you wanted to know how many stitches you needed to cast on for the desired measurement, you would multiply the number of stitches per inch by the number of inches you needed.Example II:If you neede a garment to finish at 40 inches, you would be making two pieces, with each being 20 inches.Example III:So if you had 4 1/2 inches per stitc, you would multiply this by 20 inches and you would need to cast on 90 stitches, adding 2 stitches for sewing so a total of 92 stitches for each side. This would be a total of 92 stitches per side.

How can you find out the required number of stitches for a wound?

It's best to leave stitching up a wound to a medical professional. Usually it's roughly five stitches per inch, but it depends on the size of the wound and the size of the stitches as well.

What size knitting needles are needed for 5 stitches to one inch using 8 ply?

I would say to first check what the label on the yarn ays for your project. However I know sometimes that isnt possible, so you have to make do. I would start with a size 5 knitting needles. First make a gauge swatch I knit about 20 stitches and about 15 to 20 rows, the measure how many stitches per inch I have. Depending on if your a tight or loose knitter you might have to go up or down a size or two. In general the smaller a needle is the more stitches per inch you can make, the larger a needle is the less stitches.

How many inches are 44 stiches in knitting?

That depends on your gauge. I have a pair of socks on my needles right now. My gauge for these socks is 11 stitches per inch. 44 stitches in that gauge would be 4 inches. (44/11) I also have a sweater on another set of needles. The gauge for that sweater is five stitches to the inch. 44 stitches in that gauge would be 8.8 inches. (44/5) It's a big difference.

How do you count gauge in knitted sweater?

Measure 4 inches on your piece of knitted work then count the number of stitches (including partials!). Why? Because gauge determines the actual size of your piece. For example, a sweater knitted at a gauge of 5 stitches to the inch with 200 cast on stitches would be 40" around. Change the gauge to 4 1/2 stitches per inch and your sweater balloons to 44.4" around.

What is stitch length in knitted fabric?

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How many stitches are on a twelve inch softball?