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An object complement is a noun, pronoun, or adjective which follows a direct object and renames it or tells what the direct object has become. It is most often used with verbs of creating or nominating such as make, name, elect, paint, call, etc.

Example: The people considered the place holy.

The word 'place' is the object and 'holy' is the object complement.

We can name the puppy Spot.

They painted their house yellow.

The role that made Marilyn a star.

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Q: What is the objective complement?
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What kind of complement is tourists?

objective complement

What kind of complement is the word symbol?

objective complement

Can the objective complement of a sentence be found in a prepositional phrase?

The primary objective complement of a sentence can not be found in a prepositional phrase, but a prepositional phrase can be included in a phrase that is part of the total objective complement. For example, "John was totally lacking in judgement". The principal part of the objective complement is "lacking", but the complete objective complement is "totally lacking in judgement", which includes the prepositional phrase "in judgement".

Is president in this sentence a direct object or an objective complement you elected him president?

him= direct object president= objective complement

What are types of gerunds?

as subject as subject complement as objective complement as appositive

Is a gerund a objective complement?


What is the function of the complement shown you Named your Australian Shepherd Allie?

objective complement

What are he two types of objective complement?


What is the function for we named our Australian shepherd Allie?

objective complement A+

Give you an example of objective complement?

The priest christened the baby Anette.

What is a S-TV-DO OC sentence pattern?

S-TV-DO OC stands for: S stands for subject, TV stands for transitive verb, DO stands for direct object, and OC stands for objective complement. The objective complement means the same as the direct object while the subjective complement means the same as the subject. You can recognize the objective complement by the fact that you can insert to be between the object and the objective complement. The object complement may be a noun or an adjective. EXAMPLES: Everyone called Prince Bantugan a good man S TV O OC ( Man is a noun uesd as an objective complement.) Everyone called Prince Bantugan good. S TV O OC (Good is an adjective used as the objective complement) The man ate the fish. S = "the man" TV = "ate" DO = "the fish" The voters( S) elected (TV) Mr Robinson (DO) president(OC) This stranger called me a liar. The medication turned my skin yellow.

Does the objective complement come before or after the direct object?

It comes after the direct object

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