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Reflecting is when something (e.g. light) bounces off an object; abosrbing is when it is taken into it.

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Reflection is light that is bounced in a new direction

Refraction is light that is bent

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Q: What is the opposite of reflection?
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What kind of reflection is the reflection of light from a rough surface?

scattered or diffused, the opposite of collocated and focused

What do people practice in a mirror?

The exact opposite of reflection.

What is a reflection as a math term?

A reflection is when a shape flips completely over. The coordinates of the shape will opposite as well. The reflection can change depending what you are flipping it over.

Identify the transformation where the image has the opposite orientation as the preimage?

i think its glide reflection and reflection but if im wrong then i dont freakin know.

What is the difference between reflection and bouncing?

Reflection is an exact image of something on the opposite side of which the object is. Bouncing is the movement of up and down of an object or a person.

What is the rule for a reflection across the x-axis?

For a reflection across the x axis, both the slope and the y intercept would have the same magnitude but the opposite sign.

Which law states that the angle of incidence equals the angle of reflection?

The Opposite Angle Theorem (OAT).

How do you know if you look good naked?

If you smile at your reflection. Look using the eyes of someone of the opposite gender (metaphorically).

How do reflection occur sketches?

Reflection occurs when light waves bounce off a surface and return in the opposite direction. In a sketch, you can show this by drawing a light ray coming in at an angle to the surface and then bouncing off it at an equal angle on the other side of the normal line. The angle of incidence equals the angle of reflection according to the law of reflection.

What mathematical terms mean opposite from?

The answer, which depends on the context could beadditive inverse,multiplicative inverse or reciprocal,reflection in the origin.

What is the opposite of self justification?

The opposite of self-justification is self-awareness or self-reflection. Instead of justifying or defending one's actions or beliefs, self-awareness involves being honest and critical about one's actions and motivations.

What you see in a mirror?

In a mirror you see a reflection of yourself. The reflection is caused when light cannot go through the glass so it bounces back creating a second hand image which is opposite from what is real. But basically it's the right direction if you look at the mirror while standing next to it. The reflection should look perfect to you.