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Zero degrees! If the angle of declination is 0°, then magnetic north is exactly the same as true north, making it much easier to navigate. But really, there isn't any "optimum" angle. One angle is just as good as another as long as you know how to correct for it in the right way.

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Q: What is the optimun angle of declination?
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What causes equinoxes?

The equinoxes are caused by the declination angle of the sun being zero . The declination angle changes as the earth orbits around the sun.

What is the angle of correction called?

Magnetic Declination

What is a magnet declination?

Magnet declination is the angle between magnetic north and true north. Declination is considered positive east of truth north and negative when west.

How is the altitude angle and zenith angle related to latitude and declination?

solar altitude angle= (90 degree - zenith angle )

In order to find true north with a compass you must use an angle of correction called?

angle of magnetic declination

What is the declination of a star in your sky defined as?

"Declination" as a sky coordinate is exactly analogous to 'latitude' on the earth's surface. The declination of any point in the sky is the angle between that point and the point on the celestial equator that's directly north or south of it.

How do you find magnetic direction?

The angle between the direction your compass points and the direction you're facing is the 'magnetic azimuth'. The angle between the direction to the north pole and the direction you're facing is the 'true azimuth'. They are virtually never the same angle. The difference between them is the 'magnetic declination' or the 'compass declination' in the place where you are at in which.

The angle of difference between the geographic and magnetic poles is called the declination How does the declination change as you move north from where you live?

The angle between the geographic and magnetic poles extends more towards the east, as you move to the north. The magnetic pole is actually near Greenland.

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Blank is how far north or south a star is from the equator?

Declination, which is measured as an angle, north is positive and south is negative. The declination of a star etc. is also the latitude at which the star passes overhead.

What is inclination and declination?

Inclination is measured as the angle at which the satellite crosses the equator while passing from the southern hemisphere to the northern hemisphere. Declination is the difference between magnetic North as reported by a compass and true North.

What is declination measured in?

"Declination" may refer to one of the two celestial location coordinates, analogous to terrestrial latitude, or to the error in the reading of a magnetic compass. Both of these quantities are angles, and are described in angle units.

What latitude to see to sun overhead at noon?

Anywhere where the declination of the Sun is equal to your latitude. You can look up the declination of the Sun in the Nautical Almanac. Declination is the angle of a celestial body north or south of the celestial equator; the celestial equator is the same as the terrestrial one, extended out into space. On June 21, the Sun's declination is about 23.5 degrees north; on the equinoxes, it is zero. On December 21, the Sun's declination is about 23.5 degrees south.

What is the angle between the geographic North Pole and the direction in which a compass needle points is called magnetic?

Magnetic declination

The closest terrestrial analog to hours of right ascension is angle of longitude?

yes. latitude is to declination, as longitude is to right ascension.

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What is the relationship between the time of year and the angle of the sun in the sky?

The angle of the Sun in the sky, its maximum height above the horizon, depends on a measurement called its declination, which varies over a range of ±23.5 degrees. The Sun's declination is zero at the equinoxes, and is +23.5 degrees at the summer solstice (in the northern hemisphere), the longest day, and -23.5 degrees at the winter solstice, the shortest day. Declination is the Sun's latitude on the celestial sphere, and the declination of any obect is equal to the latitude of a set of points along a line of latitude on the Earth's surface at which it passes overhead.

What the optimun temperature?

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What is the declination of Gemini?

The declination of the constellation Gemini is +20.

What is the angular difference between true North and Grid North is called?

That's the "magnetic declination". Since the true north pole and the magnetic north pole are located at different points on the earth, the declination is a different angle in different places on earth.

If the magnetic North arrow in the declination diagram is to the left of the North grid line then what should the compass reading be?

Equal to the G-M angle

What is the angle of declination and how do you use it?

An angle of declination is relevant when an observer is at a higher altitude than the object being observed. It is the angle made by the line of sight with the horizontal. Suppose this is angle x. Then if the altitude of the observer is known to be h, then line-of-sight distance to the object is h*sin(x). The object is h*tan(x) from the point below the observer at the level of the object.Conversely, if the line-of-sight distance from the object to the observer or the horizontal distance to the point directly below the observer is known, it is possible to calculate the height of the observer.

What is the magnetic declination for Alabama?

Most of Alabama lies along the declination zero line. So, there is no declination adjustment needed in Alabama.

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What is the definition of magnetic variation or declination?

Since the Earth's magnetic poles are not located at the geographic poles, a magnetic compass doesn't point to 'true' (geographic) north. The DIFFERENCE angle between magnetic north and true north is the magnetic variation or declination where you are. It changes for different locations.