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Q: What is the origin of the measurement called a foot candle?
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Are lumens and foot candles the same?

Lumens and foot candles are not the same. A lumen is a measurement of the intensity of light, a foot candle is a measurement of lumens per square foot.

What is the origin of the foot measurement?

A long time ago a king wanted to see how long his foot was. His foot was exactly 12 feet long so he called that a foot.

What does 1 foot candle mean?

The amount (flux) of light incident at a distance of 1 foot from a standard candle.

Give you the uses of foot candle?

A foot candle refers to the the amount of light a light bulb, sun.. etc puts out.

History of foot measurement?

the foot was a measurement of the king's foot, which happened to be 12 inches long. Thus 1 foot = 12 inches.

What is a nonSI unit of ilumination?

The Foot Candle.

Who called 12 inches a foot?

the 'foot' measurement was derived from the length of the human foot. The word ''inch' was adopted from the Latin word 'unica' meaning a 12th part. The early English, having no measurement of their own adopted the 'unica' from 'unus' meaning one

Where did the measurement foot come from?

The name 'foot' says it.

Use measurement in a sentence?

The measurement of my Dad is 6 foot.

How many gal in a cubic foot?

gallons= liquid measurement cubed foot= solid measurement

Why is the measurement foot called a foot?

Because a king very long ago wanted to know how big his foot was.So he called his servants to measure his foot.Is foot appeared to be 12 inches long.Since the king's foot was the first thing measure,he decided to call 12 inches a foot.

What is metric foot?

A foot is not a metric measurement. 1 foot is 0.3048 meters.