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120 times 75%=90 90+120=210

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Q: What is the original amount of a number when the new amount is 210 and has a 75 percent increase?
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How do you increase by 25 percent?

If you multiply a number by 1.25 the answer will be the original amount plus 25% of the original amount. This is quicker and easier than figuring 25% and then adding.

If 8 is increased to 11 the increase is what percent of the original number?

If 8 is increased to 12, the increase is what percentage of the original number?

How do you get a percentage increase when the original number is 0?

You can't get a percent increase if the original number is 0. Anything that you divide by 0 is 0.

When an increase or decrease is expressed as a percent (Hint the amount of change divided by the original number multiplied by 100)?

It is a percentage change - unless the increase changes a negative number to a positive number or a decrease does the opposite.

What is the percent increase and decrease?

percent increase and decrease is how much percent it had increased from a certain amount of number, like discounts and markups

How do you calculate employee growth rate?

Ram : The amount of increase is the new value after growth less the original amount before the growth. The percent growth is the amount of increase times 100% divided by the original amount. As an example, let's say the number of employee in a company grows from 800 one year to 896 the next. First, subtract: 896 - 800 = 96. This is the increase. Next, divide by the original amount: 96(100%) / 800 = 12%. This is the percent increase.

How do find the percent decrease if the original amount was 45 and the new amount is 27?

I think you subtract the new amount from the original amount and then move the decimal over twice to the right of the number and that's your percent. :)

How do you find out percent if you have original amount and new amount?

First you subtract the new number from the original number then divide it by the original number and multiply that by 100 original-new __________*100 original

How do you find the new price of a percent increase?

You multiply the percent ( so 40% = .4) by the number then add the product to the original number.

A number is decreased by 65 percent to 203 what is the original amount?


How do you increase a number by ten percent?

Move the decimal point one number to the left and add your new number to the original.

What will be the increase or decrease percent if a no is increased by 20 percent and then decreased by 8 percent?

The final result is 10.4% more than the original number.

How do you calculate the percent increase from 1 number to another number that is at least twice the amount of the 1st number?

thats a bit of a mouthful...

What is the percent increase from 2 to 88?

The increase is 88 - 2 or 86. The percentage increase is 100 times this number divided by the original value, or 100(86/2) or 4300 %.

What is the normal growth rate of employees in a company?

The average growth rate of employees in a company is 30 percent. Each company can figure out their own growth rate by subtracting the original amount of employees from the new amount, multiplying that number by 100 percent and then dividing the sum by the original amount.

How do you increase a number by a percent?

To increase a number by a certain percent, multiply it by (1 + n/100). For example, to increase a number by 15 percent, multiply it by (1 + 15/100), or 1.15. To decrease a number by 15 percent, multiply it by (1 - 15/100), or 0.85.

What is the percent increase from 10 to 25?

to calculate the percent increase . first = 25 - 10 = difference between the two numbers = 15 then divide this differnece by the original starting number (which is 10)= 15 divided by 10 = 1.5 to make this a percent increase multiply by 100 . so you result is 1.5 x 100 = 150% to summarise: ((final number- starting number) / starting number) x 100 = percent increase

What will be the increase or decrease percent if a no is increased by 20 percent and then decreased by 20 percent?

There will be an overall increase in the first number.

What is 9 percent out of 50 percent?

4.5 percent of the original number.

How do you increase a number by 15 percent?

To increase a number by 15 percent, multiply the number by 1.15. For example, 60 plus 15 percent is equal to 60 x 1.15 = 69.

How do you figure the original amount when divided 3 ways by 40 percent 30 percent 30 percent?

If your question is asking: "What number can be divided by (3 percentages that equal 100%), then the answer is: "Any number divided by 100% equals the original number. For example: 100 / (40%+30%+30%)= 100/100% = 100/1 = 100

If the original number is 5 and the new number is 52 what is the percentage increase?

84 % increase

If actual increase is 85 and the percentage increase was 20 percent what is original number?

$85 is the annual increase and this is a 15% raise.85 = 20% Therefor 100% = 85/20*100 = $425.00

How do you get the percent increase of 50 to 150?

Percent increase is ((new number divided by original number) -1) x 100 In your case 150/50 - 1 = 2 x 100 = 200% Let me clarify above in algebra: Let X = the original number and Y the new number, and the increase is Z Then X + ZX = Y ZX = Y-X Z = (Y-X)/X = Y/X -1 PERCENT INCREASE = 100Z

If you have a calculate the original number from a percent increase?

Let's set this equation up. Call the original number No and the number you have N and the percentage increase P. The equation to get the number you have ( N ) is No + No x P = N and we want to solve for No so No ( 1 + P ) = N No = N / ( 1 + P )