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Q: What is the oxidizing agent in the following reaction CH4 plus 2O2 equals CO2 plus H2O?
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How does the concentration of an oxidizing agent affect a redox reaction?

The higher the concentration of the oxidizing agent, the faster the oxidation rate, and the faster the reaction rate will be, and vice versa.

Is propane an oxidizing agent?

No it is not. Propane can be used as fuel during oxidation reaction however it is not an oxidizing agent. In a redox reaction such as combustion, propane acts as a reducing agent. Common agents are O2 and O3.

What is the relationship between oxidizing and oxidizing agent?

relationship between oxidation and oxidising agent in a redox reaction

Which is the oxidizing agent in the reaction CH4 2O2- CO2 H20?


In a typical combustion reaction oxygen is the oxidizing agent and in the process is?


Does an oxidizing agent become oxidized?

The term oxidation is named after oxygen, which is the most common oxidizing agent. Oxygen has a strong attraction for electrons, and in most chemical reactions it will take two electrons away from another atom (or from two atoms, such as in the case of the famous water molecule which is composed of one oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms). So when an atom loses one or more electrons, it is oxidized.

Zn plus H2SO4 as an oxidizing agent?

Zn alone is a reducing agent because it donates electrons during a reaction and H2SO4 alone is an oxidizing agent because it may donates atomic oxygen during the reaction but (Zn + H2SO4) mixture is a reducing agent because this mixture may produce atomic hydrogen during a reaction.

What is the oxidizing agent in the reaction Fe AgNO3 Fe(NO3)3 Ag?


Is N2 an oxidizing agent?

Nitrogen is not an oxidizing agent.

What is the oxidizing agent in butane combustion?

The oxidizing agent is oxygen.

The substance that accepts electrons from another substance is the?

In a redox reaction, the substance that accepts electrons is said to be the substance reduced. This substance is also likely the oxidizing agent, since oxidation is the loss of electrons.

Is NaCl a common oxidizing agent?

Sodium chloride is not an oxidizing agent.