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241 * 31 = (240 + 1) * (30 + 1)

= 240*30 + 240*1 + 1*30 + 1*1

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Q: What is the partial product method for 241x31?
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What is the Partial-products method 241x31?


What is the difference between a partial product algorithm and a partial product method?

Very little. An algorithm is a method that has been expressed in a detailed, unambiguous form.

What is the partial-product method for 6225?

The partial products method is a method for performing multiplication problems. An actual multiplication problem is necessary to demonstrate. See related link.

Is the partial product method the same as the expanded algorithm?

YES (i think)

If there is partial quotient then there must be partial product. If there is partial product, how do you do it?

Someone pls answer this question

Why is the second partial product greater than the first partial product when you multiply by two 2-digit numbers?

The answer will depend on the order in which you do partial products. It is quite common in the UK for the first partial product to be the two digits in the tens' place and so that is often the largest. This ties in with the method for multiplying two binomials when they move on to algebra.

How do you do 42 times 5 with partial product method?

(40 x 5) + (2 x 5)

How do you do the partial quotients method?


What is partial sum method?

what is the meaning for partial sums

What is 136-79 with ballpark estimate and partial differences method?

136-79 with ballpark estimate and partial differences method = 57

What is the answer to the problem 84 times 78 using the parcial product method?

the partial products for 84 and 78 6000,500,50,and 2 :)

Is the sum of a partial product equal to the final answer?

No, it could be a partial sum.

What does partial qoutient mean?

partial quotient means it breaks dividing numbers down just like partial product;)

Why the second partial product is always greater than the first partial product when you multiply two numbers?

The assertion in the question is simply not true.

What is the partial products method for 62x45?

the partial products is 2,480 and 310

What is the partial products for 51x36?

the partial product for 51 and 36 300,6,1000,500,and 30 :)

What varies between the equity method initial value method and the partial equity methods of accounting for an investment?

The balance in the investment account on the parent's books varies between the equity method, initial value method, and the partial equity methods. The equity method is also referred to as the complete equity method, or the full equity method.

Why do you have to put the 0 in the partial product?

You don't.

What is the partial product of 35x7?

210 + 35

What is a partial products method for 38 times 54?

What is it

What is 815 divided by 76 using partial products method?


What is 8943 using partial-products method?

Partial products cannot be used for a single number. They are a form of multiplication.

What is the partial product of 8x6?

Single digits don't have partial products. 8 x 6 = 48

What is the partial product of 9times 62?

540 + 18

How do you get the partial product 77 and 30?

2100 and 210