What is the pendulum?

Updated: 12/9/2022
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  • A body suspended from a fixed support so that it swings freely back and forth under the influence of gravity, commonly used to regulate various devices, especially clocks. Also called simple pendulum.
  • Something that swings back and forth from one course, opinion, or condition to another: the pendulum of public opinion.
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Pendulum is a Drum and Bass band originally from Western Australia. They're really awesome, you should check them out.

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Q: What is the pendulum?
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Why a compound pendulum is called equivalent simple pendulum?

Compound pendulum is a physical pendulum whereas a simple pendulum is ideal pendulum. The difference is that in simple pendulum centre of mass and centre of oscillation are at the same distance.

What effect does shortening the length of the pendulum have on the period of the pendulum?

Shortening the length of the pendulum typically decreases its period, meaning it swings back and forth faster. This relationship is described by the formula T = 2π√(L/g), where T is the period, L is the length of the pendulum, and g is the acceleration due to gravity. Shortening the length lowers the value inside the square root, resulting in a shorter period.

How does the length of the pendulum effect the pendulum?

The longer the length of the pendulum, the longer the time taken for the pendulum to complete 1 oscillation.

What is a bifilar pendulum?

A bifilar pendulum is a type of experimental setup used to measure the moment of inertia or gravitational acceleration. It consists of a rod suspended by two strings or wires, which allows for a more precise determination of the period of oscillation compared to a regular pendulum. By measuring the period of oscillation and knowing the length of the strings and the mass of the rod, one can calculate the desired physical quantity.

What is flashing pendulum?

A flashing pendulum is a pendulum that alternates between two states, such as swinging to one side and then the other, accompanied by a flashing light or LED to indicate the movement direction. This helps visualize the oscillation pattern of the pendulum.

Which swing more heavier pendulum or lighter pendulum?

A heavier pendulum swings slower than a lighter pendulum of similar length due to the effects of gravity. However, in terms of weight, the heavier pendulum will place more strain on the support structure due to its greater mass.

The weight on a pendulum is called?

The weight on a pendulum is called a bob or pendulum bob. It is a mass that hangs from the end of the pendulum arm and helps determine the period of oscillation.

Frictionless pendulum is an example of?

Frictionlist pendulum is an example of the pendulum of a clock, a reversible process, free.

How does the length of a pendulum affect the frequency?

A longer pendulum will have a smaller frequency than a shorter pendulum.

What is the torque acting on the pendulum of length L inclined at an angle?

The pendulum frequency is dependent upon the length of the pendulum. The torque is the turning force of the pendulum.

Which factor affects the period of the pendulum?

The period of a pendulum is affected by the angle created by the swing of the pendulum, the length of the attachment to the mass, and the weight of the mass on the end of the pendulum.

What are difference between simple pendulum and compound pendulum?

A simple pendulum has one piece that swings. A complex pendulum has at least two swinging parts, attached end to end. A simple pendulum is extremely predictable, while a complex pendulum is virtually impossible to accurately predict.