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A 3.75%

B 8.96%

C 6.38%

D 5.65%

E 2.03%

F 3.63%

G 5.34%

H 5.59%

I 0.76%

J 1.36%

K 5.70%

L 5.24%

M 8.28%

N 2.13%

O 1.63%

P 5.27%

Q 0.26%

R 4.80%

S 10.93%

T 3.88%

U 0.47%

V 2.55%

W 3.46%

X 0.02%

Y 0.65%

Z 1.29%

per the US 2000 Census table of all valid last names appearing the 100 or more times (covering 90% of responses).

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Q: What is the percent distribution of first letters in last names in the US?
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