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Q: What is the percent for one over thirty-seven?
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What is thirtyseven in Spanish?

the answer is triente (trantay) siete

What is 1 over 8 percent as a decimal?

One over 8 percent (one-eighth percent) = 0.00125

How many death notes movies and shows are there?

Three live-action films and a thirtyseven episode anime series .

What is one over fifty as a percent?

one over fifty as a percent = 2%% rate:= 1/50 * 100%= 0.02 * 100%= 2%

What is one over twenty five as a percent?

One over twenty-five is 4%.

What is one over nine as a percent?


What is one over ten as a percent?


What is one over eight as a percent?


What is one over five as a percent?


What is one over twenty five as a fraction written as a percent?

4%, you can raise 25 to 100 and anything over one hundred constitutes a percent

What is the fraction 1 over 8 as a percent?

One eighth is equal to 12 and one half percent.

How do you write one over one hundred as a percent?