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45.4545.. % wrong.

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Q: What is the percent if 5 questions were wrong out of 11 questions on a test?
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How many questions can be wrong on a 55 questions test to get 80 percent?


What percent of the questions did Emily miss on her test if she answered 11 questions wrong out of 65?

She "missed" (erroneously answered) 16.92 % of the answers (11/65). She correctly answered 83.08 % of the answers (54/65). === === To get the answer, divide 11 by 65, which will give you .1692, which is equal to 16.92 percent. Round up to 17%, which means she made a score of 83 on the test.

How many questions did you get wrong on a 40 question test if you received a grade of 73 percent?

At least 11. 30 questions right would be 75% and 29 would be 72.5%, which would round up to 73%.

How many questions can you miss to get a 70 percent on a 37 question test?

Not more than 11.

How many questions can you get wrong on a 37 question test to get a 70 pass mark?

No more than 11. You may have a problem if it's a math test.

How many wrong answers can you get out of 37 questions to get a 70 percent?

You can't get exactly 70 percent, because that would be 11.1 questions wrong out of 37. If you miss 11 or fewer questions your score will be above 70%; if you miss 12 or more questions your score will be below 70%. This assumes the test is more or less "straight"; if it's scored like, say, the SAT (where leaving a question blank does not reduce your score by as much as answering incorrectly) then we'd need to know the exact details of how the test is scored.

What percent of questions were answered correctly if you got three wrong in fourteen questions?

Divide how many questions you got right (11) by how many questions total there was (14). Then multiply it by 100. 11/14=0.78....... 0.78 x 100=78 YOUR ANSWER IS 78%

How can you find the grade average from 11 wrong of 79 questions?

68 right out of 79 is 86 percent. Sounds like a "B."

What percentage is 11 wrong out of 25 questions?

11/25 ~ 0.44 44% of wrong answers

What is the percentage of 3 wrong out of 14 questions?

You need to divide 3 / 14, then multiply the result by 100 to get percent. That gives you the percentage of wrong answers.Note that if you want the percentage of RIGHT answers, divide 11 / 14, then multiply by 100 to get percent.

How many questions were right if you got 92 percent and there were 12 questions?


How many questions in the 11 plus?

you can get either 80 questions in the test or u can have 85

What type of questions are on the 7-11 franchise test?

The 7-11 franchise test consists of 4 questions. They are about your retail or business experience, credit score, age and residence.

What is 6 wrong out of 17 questions?

It's the same as 11 correct out of 17 questions. That's a score of about 65% .

What percent do you have to get to pass the 11 plus test?

180 percenti think

How to grade a test with 12 questions?

If you mean how to score a test with 12 questions, you take the number correct, divide by 12, and multiply times 100. This will give you the percent correct.

What percent is 2 wrong out of 11?

To convert a fraction to a percentage multiply by 100 %: 2/11 = 2/11 × 100 % = 18 2/11 % ≈ 18.18 %

Mary got 11 out of 15 questions correct on her geography quiz About what percent of the questions did she get correct?

11 out of 15 is 73% (rounded up to whole numbers, it is actually 73.333 recurring).

What world ranking does France have in oats?

well they are rank 11 i am 100 percent sure if i am wrong f you

What is 11 percent?

11 percent = 0.11

What is 11 percent of 5300?

What is .11 as a percent?

How do you write 11 percent as a decimal?

11 percent = 0.110.11

What is 11 percent of 154?

11 percent of 154 is 16.94

What is 11 percent of 143?

11 percent of 143 is 15.73

What is 11 percent of 303?

11 percent of 303 is 33.33