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Amount obtained (how much stuff you ended up with)/ Starting amount ( how much stuff you originally started with) x 100= percent recovery

Amount obtainedx 100 = percent recovery

Starting amount


I started with 10g of some impure compound, I purified the compound and ended up with .25g, to find the percent recovery simply plug in numbers...

.25/10 x100= 2.5% recovery

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It is basically the calculation of the percentage of how much of the original substabce you ended up with, or got back, at the end of the experiemnt.

It is calculated by:

(mass of how much you ended up with) divided by (mass you started with) times 100

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In chemistry, the percent recovery formula is:

Percent Recovery =

Weight of compound recovered

divided by

Weight of compound you started with

multiplied by 100%.

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how to calculate percentage recovery? how to calculate percentage recovery?

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Q: What is the percent recovery formula in chemistry?
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