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This is an increase of 42.4%

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Q: What is the percentage change from 33 to 47 rounded to the nearest tenth of the percent?
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Change this percent to a decimal rounded to the nearest hundredth-70 percent?

70% = 0.70 in decimal

What is 53 over 70 into a percentage?

Simply multiply it by 100 to change it into a percentage which is about 76% rounded to the nearest whole percentage

What is the percent change from 58 to 53?

To the nearest percentage, it is a 9% reduction.

What is the decrease percentage change from 17.06 percent to 16 percent?

16/17.06 = 0.937866... = (1 - 0.062134) = 6.21%smaller (rounded)

What is 20 percent of 11.99?

Multiply 0.20 (you have to change 20 percent to 0.20 as a decimal) by 11.99 and you get 2.398. 2.398 rounded to the nearest tenth would be 2.4.

How do you change 35.64 to a decimal rounded to the nearest tenth?


0.078 change to the nearest whole percentage?

7.8%= nearest percentage after rounding off will be 8%

What is 3.44 rounded to the nearest hudrenth?

No change: 3.44

What is 5.53 rounded to the nearest hundred?


What is 35.9 rounded to nearest tenth?

35.9 is already at the nearest tenth, so it does not change.

What is 775320 rounded to the nearest ten?


How can a number change when it is rounded to the nearest hundreds?

It can increase or decrease