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Take the difference between two given values and divide that by 1 to get:

(16 - 1) / 1 = 15

Multiply that by 100 to get 1500%.

So we obtain the 1500% increase from 1 inch to 16 inches.

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Q: What is the percentage increase from one inch to sixteen inches?
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If a rectangle measures sixteen inches by 1 inch whats the area?

16 inches 16 inches

How would you write sixteen one thousandths of an inch?

.016 inches

What is the radius of a sixteen inch diameter?

half of 16 = 8 inches

Increase in percent from threequarters of an inch to two inches?

166.6667% increase.

What is sixteen threads per inch?

Sixteen teeth per inch is basically for every inch on any threaded diameter, you may count sixteen teeth with in one inch. Gladstone Joseph

What is 1 inch in percentage?

An inch is a linear measure. We would need to know the length of which the 1 inch is a part in order to determine percentage. For instance:1 inch is 100% of 1 inch1 inch is 10% of 10 inches1 inch is 200% of 0.5 inches

How long is two fifths of fifthteen sixteen inch?

2/5 of 15/16 = 6/16 = 3/8 inches.

What percentage of an inch is 6 mm?

6 mm is approximately 0.236 inches when converted.

Which is bigger an inch an a quarter or an inch an five sixteen?

an inch and five sixteenths

How many millimeters does two and one sixteen inches equal?

5.23875mm wrong wrong wrong 25.4mm = one inch 2 inches plus 1/16 inches = 2.0625 inches 2.0625 x 25.4 = 52.3875mm NOT 1/10 as the previous answer.

How 2.5 inch in percentage?

It is 250%. If you want 2.5 inches as a percentage of some other measure then you will need to say what that other measure is: we cannot guess.

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Take any number of millimeters, divide it by 25.4 to get the same length in inches. You can do this.