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007 = 7 = 700%

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Q: What is the percentage of 007?
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What is 007?

007 is James Bond's code number.

What is .007 as a fraction?

.007 as a fraction is 7/1000.

What is 007 as a percent?

007 = 700%

What is 7 percent expressed as a decimal?

To make a percentage a decimal, move the decimal point two places to the left, so 7.0% is .007 as a decimal.

How do you unlock 007 mode in GoldenEye 007 for N64?

you unlock 007 mode by beating all 20 levels on the 00 agent difficulty.

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Calculate the thickness of a sheet of notebook paper in mircrome

Is 007 greater than or less then 1.00?

007 = 7 is greater.

What is the full name of 007?

Well, 007 stands for 'James Bond'

Is .007 greater than .07?

No because .07 is greater than .007

What is 007 divided by 100?


What is the name of the next 007 movie?

007 Skyfall coming in october 2012

Is 0.7 percent greater than 007?

No, 0.7% is not greater than 007

Is 70 greater or less than .007?

70 is greater than .007

Do you need a Wii gun for 007 game?

No. You can use any controller scheme for any 007 game. The one that gives the most flexibility is Goldeneye 007 for the Wii.

What is the meaning of the movie 007?

its just James Bond's number. he is agent 007 lol

Which spy is also know as 007?

Ian Flemmings "James Bond" is known as 007

How do you escape the blast pit in 007 legends?

What did do you on escape the blast pit in 007 legends

When was James Bond 007 the game made?

"Goldeneye 007 reloaded" is rated 9.4 out of 5. Also Everything or Nothing or James Bond 007: Nightfire are pretty good.

What fruit or vegetable is connected to 007?

olives in his martini's Albert Broccoli was involved in the 007 films

Is 0107 greater or less than 007?

0107 (107) is greater than 007 (7)

Who is 007's employer?

James Bond 007 is employed by Her Majesty's Secret Service (MI6).

Why is 0.7 greater than 007?

If you mean 007 then its is equivalent to 7 which is greater than 0.7