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16.6%. Convert a fraction to percentage: Divide top number into bottom and multiply the answer by 100. 1/6=0.1666666666666667 then X 100=16.666666666666667. Technically one may round up to 16.7 for accuracy.

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Q: What is the percentage of 1 sixth?
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What is on sixth as a percentage?

1/6 = 16.67%

What is 1 sixth as a percentage?

Written as a percentage, one sixth is equal to 1 / 6 x 100 = 16.6 recurring per cent (that is, 16.666...).

How do you convert 1 sixth to a percentage to two decimal points?

1/6 as a percentage = 100*1/6 = 100/6 = 16.666... which, to two decimal places, is 16.67

What is one sixth as a percentage?

1/6 x 100 = 16.6 recurring (that is, 16.666..) percent.

One Sixth equals what percentage?

4 and 2 eights * * * * * 1/6 = 100*1/6 = 16.66... %

What is percentage for one twenty sixth?

3.85%1/26:= 1 ÷ 26= 0.0385 in decimal= 0.0385 * 100%= 3.85%

What is one sixth in percentage?

0.166666666667 this is rounded

What does five sixth equal in percentage?


What is a sixth expressed as an percentage?

16.6666666666 (recurring) %

What percentage is one sixth?

One sixth of anything is 16 and 2/3%

What is sixth eighths as a percentage?

6/8 = 75%

How many minutes is 1 sixth?

The answer will depend on 1 sixth WHAT! A sixth of a day, an hour, a year?

How do you write one sixth as a percentage?

One sixth is equal to 16.66667%.Take 1 and divide it by 6 and then multiply the answer by 100, that will give you the percent for any fraction. In your case it would be 16.67%

1 sixth as a decimal?

1 sixth as a decimal is 1/6 or 0.166667.

What is one sixth of 1?

One sixth.

What is -1 to the sixth power?

-1 to the sixth power equals one.

What is two sixth in a percentage?

2 / 6 is equal to 33.3%

Which percentage of the students finish sixth grade in Chile?


What percent is 1 sixth of a circle?

16 2/3this is the right answer60 degreesI have no idea of the precent, but the percentage is 16.66... recurring.

what is 2 thirds divided by 1 sixth?

2 thirds divided by 1 sixth = 2

What is the fraction four sixth's coverted into a decimal and a percentage?

4/6 into a decimal and a percentage = 0.6667 ; 66.67%

What is the percentage of sixth graders wanting to play for there school?

About 3/4 of all sixth graders want to try out for sports

What percentage of earth gravity?

The moon has one-sixth the gravity of earth.

What is the order of 1 and two thirds 1 and one sixth 1 and five sixth from greatest to least?

1 and five sixths highest then 1 and two thirds then 1 and one sixth

What is the sum for 1 sixth plus 1 sixth?

1/6 + 1/6 = 2/6 = 1/3