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I am creating a database of recent results from the top 5 divisions of English football. I have a complete record for each of those divisions for the current season plus the whole of last season for the Premiership. Within that sample, 173 out of 3528 are penalties. So about 1 in 20? I'll have the last 5 years of football in the database soon so if you want a more complete answer contact me through my website. Just out of interest, 53 out of 3528 are own goals. -- Update: I now have data on 33,671 English league and conference goals from the last 5 years. 1569 of 33,700 are penalties. 448 are own goals.

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Q: What is the percentage of goals scored on penalty kicks?
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What is the percentage of goals scored from free kicks?


How many of Landon Donovan's US National Team goals are penalty kicks?

I definitely want to know this one. He has scored 9 penalty kicks in a row. How many of his last 9 goals were penalty kicks? Me thinks all of them.

What percentage of goals are scored from free kicks in the football premiership?

9.78% in the 2011-12 season

What percentage of soccer penalty kicks are successful?

About 30%

How much goals has Cristiano Ronaldo scored from direct free kicks?

Seven free kicks

How many penalty goals have Cristiano Ronaldo scored in Real Madrid so far?

As of march 20 2012 ronaldo has score 23 penalties kicks out of 24,

Why are most soccer goals scored from corner kicks?

They aren't, most are scored from open play.

Do you make goal by direct goal kick?

There is no such thing as a "Direct Goal Kick." Goals can be scored from Goal Kicks Goals can be scored from Direct Free Kicks According to FIFA Laws of the Game

How many of Alan Shearers premiership goals were penalty kicks?


How many of Rooney's 25 goals have been penalty kicks?


How many goals has Ronaldinho scored on direct free kicks?


Ronaldo freekicks how many?

He has scored 72 goals from free kicks.

How many goals has Frank Lampard scored with free kicks?


Which player has scored most goals from free kicks?

In goalkeepers position he is ceni

How many points are awarded for a penalty kick in soccer?

When a penalty kick scores, it counts as a goal (just as any other goal). Penalty kicks that do not score (similar to regular goals) count for nothing.The exception are kicks from the penalty mark (the "Penalty Shootout": the tie-breaker sometimes used when a game must have a winner, such as in most tournaments). When these kicks are successful, they are not counted as goals, but tracked separately to determine the winner.

What is the percentage of corner kicks that result in goals?

about 1 in 40

Who scored the fastest 3 goals in NHL?

george w bush on 3 kicks

How many free kicks did Roberto carlos score for real Madrid?

As he played for Real Madrid for eleven years and was their main free kick and penalty taker he must have scored 40 odd goals.

Who scored the winning goal at the 2006 FIFA World Cup?

There was no winning goal. The game was settled on penalty kicks.

How many free kicks has juninho scored?

Juninho is considered the greatest free-kick specialist of all time. As of 17 May 2009, Juninho has scored 44 goals from direct free kicks for Olympique Lyonnais, and he has also scored from free-kicks beyond 40 meters on four occasions.

Do away goals count in extra time in europa cup?

If during extra-time both teams score the same number of goals, the away goals will count double (and the visiting team advances). If no goals are scored during extra-time, the winner is decided by penalty kicks. Please refer to the related link for more information.

Name some goals that England scored directly from free kicks?

David Beckham against Greece in 2001

What Football goalkeeper has scored the most goals?

Rogério Ceni of Brazil/São Paulo scored 103 goals in his career. He scored 55 free kicks (the record for a goalkeeper) and 46 penalties (a record for a goalkeeper). José Luis Chilavert is the second goalkeeper to score the most goals with 62 goals he scored a record 8 international goalkeeper goals and is the only keeper to scor a hat trick.

If someone kicks you in football is it a penalty in the box?

It is a direct free kick, or a penalty kick if a defender kicks an attacker in the defender's penalty area.

What percentage of penalty kicks are saved?

This statistic differs from goalie to goalie. You'll have to look up individual statistics.