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Uranium-235 is an isotope of uranium making up about 0.72% of natural uranium.

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Q: What is the percentage of uranium-235?
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What is one bad use of uranium235?

can cause lung cancer

What is true about the fission of uranium235?

The reaction produces more neutrons than were needed to start it.

A uranium235 sample starts with 200 atoms and 700 million years later there are 100 atoms What is the halflife of uranium235?

700 milliion years. The definition of half-life is the period of time during which one-half of the atoms of an element undergo decay into other elements.

What is the form of nuclear energy?

Nuclear energy as used in power plants results from fission of uranium235 and plutonium239

Where does nuclear energy get its power?

From the fissioning of the nuclei of uranium235 and plutonium239. The energy released appears as thermal energy in the surrounding fuel material

Meaning of nuclear energy?

Nuclear energy is energy released either by fissioning of heavy nuclei such as Uranium235 or Plutonium239, or by fusion of light isotopes such as those of hydrogen.

How much coal has to be burned to equal the potential energy obtained by breaking one pellet of uranium?

Depends on the size of your pellet. 1 kg of Uranium235 is equivalent to 1500 tonnes of coal.

What is a sentence for energy?

Nuclear energy is obtained by the fissioning of nuclei of uranium235, in a controlled chain reaction in a nuclear reactor, which produces heat that can be converted to electricity by normal power plant methods.

Atomic energy is the energy of heat mass or fluorescence?

Atomic energy is produced when atoms of uranium235 or other fissile material split, or undergo fission. It is nothing to do with fluorescence, and I don't understand 'heat mass'

How do neutrons electrons and protons relate to nuclear energy?

These are the constituents of atoms. Nuclei are made up of protons and neutrons. Useful nuclear energy is only obtained from a few nuclei which can be made to fission and release energy. The two main ones are Uranium235 and Plutonium239.

According to chargaffs rules the percentage of?

The percentage of the nucleotide adenine = the percentage of thymine. The percentage of guanine = the percentage of cytosine.

Do you say percentage of teachers were or percentage of teachers was?

The percentage of teachers were